These two words can be a source of despair for many people. The power to transform into successful individuals is a capability we all have, but what if often gets in the way of us pursuing our dreams. What if ……. keeps us from unlocking our true potential, robs us of the courage to step out in faith and find our purpose for being on earth for such a time as this. What if …….. is really a killjoy to abundant living.

What if …….. cause us to be fearful of putting our hopes and dreams into action because somehow we are never worthy of tasting victory. When this happens we resign to existing as victims and never drumming up the courage to go out and take on the world. When what if takes over the mind it is like a wildfire burning out of control. there is very little truth to be found in the what if’s of our minds.

What if ……… keeps us from seeing the real picture in any situation because it tends to focus too much on negative outcomes. These words create obstacles where none can be found and takes away the freedom to spread our wings and soar to new heights. Each time we are confronted with what if the best thing that we can do for ourselves is to destroy the thought by asking why not? If we are unable to do this soon we will be neither useful to ourselves or others.

The what if’s ……… drain us of our passion and will keep us prisoners to our circumstances. Whenever what if threaten to overtake us always remember they are not what defines us. What if’s are simply boulders that need to be removed as we set our sights on success. Take charge of the what if’s because they only have the power over us that we are willing to give them.





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