Belief is powerful, it is the difference between living a meaningful life of passion and purpose or settling for an existence of not having the courage to step out and discover your true potential. Believing in your abilities is the foundation on which a successful life is built. It is never a matter of if you will accomplish great things, but when, and it all begins with what you believe. It is being convinced that you have the power to conceive an idea and put it motion knowing that in the end, you have truly maximised your potential.

Whatever you choose to believe about yourself is what you will spend every waking moment pursuing. If you believe that you are nothing you will waste precious time and resources doing things that bring nothing results. on the other hand, if you believe that you can do all things you will discover that you approach each day seeking opportunities to turn mountains into molehills.

Belief is an important ingredient in the pursuit of the abundant life. It is important because you become what you believe. Without belief, you will not be willing to stretch your imagination to discover new things, but if you believe in success, you will not accept defeat or make excuses not to keep trying.  Belief gives you the courage to go at life head on and set in motion the things you need to live a life of success.

Belief is where it begins, believe that you can and you definitely will. That desire to do something great feels like a fire burning in the depths of your soul is real. You will never be satisfied until flames burst into a raging fire of passion and purpose, but you have to begin to believe. Believe not because someone says you ought to, but because you know it is the right thing to do. If you don’t believe in yourself, who do you expect to believe in you?





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