Sometimes the best thing you can do for is to give yourself that extra push and be purposeful about living. The worst thing you can do is to procrastinate, no matter how long you delay you circumstance will not change unless you are willing to take a bold step forward. Are you motivated to find your purpose? Or are you comfortable making excuses that never get you anywhere? Every human being is born with the capacity to positively impact the lives of people around them, and you and I are no different. The motivation for finding your purpose begins with believing that you are as worthy to make a change as the people you and admire. Discovering your place in this world is one chance you cannot afford to miss out on. Be brave and stop making excuses it’s your time to take on the world.

Being motivated is not a perfect science, and there is indeed no magic formula or prescription that can be administered to make anyone feel motivated. Motivation often happens by learning how to tap into the positive energy that is all around us. This positive energy most times presents itself in the form of people and situations. Choose associate with positive people who will bring out the best in you. Feed your mind with literature that opens your mind to a world of possibilities. Find the time to explore situations that will give you the opportunity to test the contribution you are making to life. When you sum it all up finding motivation most times involved what you are willing to invest in it.

Almost every great motivator I can think of is or was someone who refused to give up in the face of adversity. Being motivated does not mean you will not fail, face struggles and challenges or even feel like giving up. What it does mean is that despite all these things there is a stubborn will to keep going until your mission is complete. You feel like you are down in the dumps right now, but all is not lost, there is time to discover your purpose. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking negatively because you have had some setbacks there is more to than what meets the eyes. Don’t settle for just existing be bold and step out into the world of greatness. Be motivated to finding your purpose and pursue it with passion.


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