Friendships are important. Most persons cannot survive without a circle of friends. Human existence is defined by that intimate interaction between two or persons that sometimes spans several generations. However, as important as friendships are to us it is vital to know that who we include in our circle will either help to make us better or keep us stagnant. Not everybody we call a friend is good for our personal development. If we want to be successful people, it is necessary to evaluate the types of friends we allow into our circle at regular intervals. If your friends don’t bring out the best in you and you bring out the best in them what value is there to the relationship?

Some people enter our lives for a season, as the seasons change so their usefulness will fade away, others are there to make an investment in our lives and we in theirs. Choose your friends wisely, note some friends will only be takers, while others will help us to become movers and shakers of this world. The people you allow into your space should be worthy of your friendship. If they are taking from you more than they are contributing they will eventually leave you holding nothing. Be willing to let go of unproductive people because they do very little in helping you to achieve your goals.

Find people who will lift you up when you down, but brave enough to tell you the truth when you need to hear it. Real friendships are not compromising or filled with flattery, but willing to put the strength of the relationship to the test despite the outcome. Close your circle with friends who will stand with you through good and bad times. People not abuse or kindness or take your love for granted, friends know who you are whether you a devil or an angel. Your circle of friends should be able to give wise counsel even you don’t want to hear it. Friends who are there to fly alongside you or crawl beside you in the pits of despair. If your friends are not doing these things for you, ask yourself why are in your circle?



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