It is a joy watching children grow in their natural environment. There is something very refreshing about their innocence it puts your soul at ease. It is not coincidental that Jesus Christ compares entering the Kingdom of God to having the nature of little children. Children are gifts to the world in their laughter, conversation and playfulness. I am privileged to be a father to a vibrant son Timothy-Jordan, the lessons I have learned interacting with and observing him are not taught in any classroom. One of the most valuable lessons I have come to appreciate is that when we truly learn how to love our children unconditionally, it gives us a better understanding of God’s unconditionally love for humanity. Timothy has taught me that love is a choice and I choose to love him without limits.

Watching Timothy-Jordan at play with his cousin, classmates or friends at church has helped me to understand that they live in their little world. Listening to their conversations, stories and arguments has made realise how much we take for granted. Their opinions and observations about current affairs make me appreciate the fact that though they don’t fully understand how this world functions they have the same emotions that adults do. Everything that affects us also affects them and sometimes as adults we forget this essential detail.

Through observing his interactions with others, I have learned that children don’t know how to hate. Sudden arguments and fights quickly return to wholesome friendships. Think about this for a moment almost every negative behaviour a child has is taught and reinforced by adults. A child’s natural inclination to anything that disturbs their peace is to get over it and go back to the business of having fun. If they are allowed to work through their issues without adult interference most times, they do so, and the results are memorable.

As I watch Tim grow more and more, it’s dawning on me that a child’s job is not to worry. The only job children have in this world is to be children. They should not be playing adult roles nor taking on responsibilities. It is not in their job description to look after the emotional well-being of adults. All they need to do is focus on being children. We must shoulder the burdens and cares of life while they get to live and enjoy an abundant life. Their time will eventually come when they will take over from where we have left off, until such time they have a right to be children and everything in our power must be done to protect this right.

Abundant living is a life without limits, and my son Timothy-Jordan has taught me the meaning f this. He feels safe and confident that his parents will always be there for him no matter what the odds are. He does not worry about what will happen tomorrow because he knows that he can depend on his parents to provide the best life for him. He knows that even if he falls or, fail, we will be there to catch him, to encourage him and hold his hand when it is needed. He has the freedom to pursue the best part of his life, to be a child. If you are seeking to live an abundant life you probably need to start looking at the children you have in your life because there is so much we can learn from them. Living through the eyes of a child puts us in a beautiful place to see the glory of God. These are some simple life-changing lessons learned from my son Timothy-Jordan Blake.


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