If ten persons are asked what they want most from life seven of the ten will probably say happiness. Happiness and fulfilment are what most people long for. Even with this intense desire, many are unhappy and unsatisfied with their current situation. In pursuit of the ideal life, people often add clutter to their lives with meaningless things. This, in turn, results in them being miserable and hopeless. If abundant living is to be achieved one of the significant hurdles to overcome is for people to stop allowing life to get in the way of living.

An inventory of the clutter in our lives is required regularly to get to that place where we can begin to enjoy living. Even things that help in daily survival can rob us of our joy if we are not careful. The bills must be paid, but we should not become slaves to paying bills. Learn how to live on a budget, and it will add years to your life. We have to work, but don’t settle for a job pursue a career that you enjoy so much you would do it for free. We want to experience the sweet taste of success, but at what cost? Don’t exchange happiness for that which ultimately has little value.

We exist each majoring in minors and forget that in the final analysis, some things are just not worth it. Solomon came to a frightening conclusion when he penned the book of Ecclesiastes. After filling his life clutter, things that he was convinced would give and purpose he ends up admitting that all is vanity and vexation of spirit. I am almost sure that Solomon died a lonely soul drowning in spiritual poverty.

Stop allowing clutter to take over your life. Stop letting life to get in the way of your living it. Nobody is responsible for our happiness. Nobody has to do anything about changing our situation even when we try to blame them. Intentionally take charge of your existence, do something about finding your purpose. Stop complaining about what you don’t have and focus more on what is front of you.

The Creator has given us all the tools we need to find and fulfil our purpose and live abundant lives. What we choose to do with what he has given rest squarely on our shoulders. Even with the best plans, we cannot control everything about life. What we can control though, is our approach to living it. Make every day count we have only one life to live let us live it right. Life will get in the way of living from time to time, but we don’t have settle for it being that way. Live your dream, find your purpose and embrace abundant living.


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