It is easy to get distracted when you are trying to find your purpose. So many things are competing for our attention, and if we are not careful, we get sidetracked doing many things and accomplishing nothing. Selfish people will want to have us all to themselves, so we can work hard at fulfilling their dreams while ours is tossed aside to be picked up at a more convenient time. The pressures of daily life will be occurring in real time around us, and no matter how much we try it’s difficult to escape them. But the thing that will help in all this maze of confusion is an attitude that says we will keep pressing on even if the odds does not favour us.

Don’t get into the unhealthy habit of paying so much attention to what others are doing you will only invite disappointment into your life. As long as you are alive, people will be doing things that you want to do and going places where you want to go. The key to finding purpose and living an abundant life is learning how to live at your own pace. Paying attention to what others are doing will cause you to lose focus of what you should be doing, and there is no satisfaction to be found in this mode. Even life throws lemons at you commit yourself to learn how to make lemonade and keep pressing on because most people like a good glass of lemonade.

Life makes no promises, and it sure does not owe us anything all that we will get out of it is what we are willing to put into it. Stop making excuses about what you have not yet done and begin to do what you were called to do, making excuses have been working for you, and it will never work. Challenges are what make life exciting, and you and I are just playing the hand we have been dealt. How we play depends on the value we see in the cards we hold, even the joker has its role. Keep pressing on because this is the most important game we will ever play and the outcomes depend on us playing well.


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