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The price of success.

A common saying goes anything that is worth having is worth dying for may hold more truths than most people would admit. The majority of people want to be successful in their various endeavours, but few are willing to pay the price that comes with it. Hardly anybody that has tasted success has done so overnight or by being lucky. Being successful at anything most times comes down to a willingness to putting in long hours and making countless sacrifices to achieve results and get to desired goals. It is unrealistic to expect to be successful without also realizing that the cost of doing so is indeed high and often cannot be exchanged for the easy road.

Are you willing to pay the price to be successful? When asked this question most people will answer quickly with a resounding yes, but so often their actions do not reflect their response.  Success is more than providing the correct answer to the question; it is about making a commitment to a particular task or goal and seeing it through despite the setbacks and challenges that will come along the way. It means you will have put up with a lot of undesirable situations and people who will try their best to get you sidetracked. Success is a valuable commodity when the price has been paid in full.

In the Jamaican dialect, there is a popular phrase often used by those wise beyond their years “nutten good nuh come easy” translated nothing that is good will come easy. The price of success begins with the desire to succeed this gives the opportunity to make life-changing decisions and with discipline and determination, dreams can be transformed into successful living. Combining these four elements can be the most difficult task that anyone will ever undertake and the stakes are indeed high, but the returns on the investment made will be worth it.

The price is not always right as a matter of fact most times it is not fair what individuals have to endure in order to succeed, but the result of hard work is satisfying to the soul. When you know that you have stuck to the task and put in the hours and have seen the fruit of your labour it leaves you with a sense of pride. It also provides you with the drive that you may need to take on the next impossible task. Now that know you what success tastes like, a fire has been lit in you that will not go out easily. Allow that fire to burn with passion and go conquer the world, success may have a high price but the returns are worth it.


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