Take time to be ourselves.

With the many things that are competing for our attention daily, it easy is to lose sight of who we are in the mix. We waste so many valuable hours trying to gain the approval of others we often have to transform into personas that makes us uncomfortable and unsatisfied. Life can be a series of pretences; it can all be about portraying the right image for the world to see and not about living our best lives. Too many people exist in time and space with personalities that appeal to the populous but are otherwise unfulfilling to them. One of the keys to abundant living is making the time to just be yourself and allow those who observe to be the judge of who you are. We should make time to be ourselves and stop trying to be what everybody else wants us to be. Life can be so much simpler if we would just learn how to be comfortable in our own skin.

Sometimes we are so focused on being what we are not we forget underneath the mask lies a beautiful soul. Have we ever given thought to how much time, effort and money the world invest in things that are not real? Have we thought about the fact that the things that are not real invite more problems in so many areas of life?  People spend a lot of time dwelling on what is fake and temporary and unfortunately, too many of us get caught up in the fray. Our real selves will eventually emerge because it is impossible to cover it up for long, so why not be our true selves from the get-go. Even if who we are now is not who we should be there is always time to work on being the best we can. Take the time to be yourself because even if we lose somethings there is much more to be gained.

Here is an important lesson in life, not everybody will want to be a permanent member of our fan club. Guess what! That’s alright; sometimes we will have to be the ones who provide the applause when nobody celebrates with us. If we are not confident about whom we are then we have lost the race before we begin to run. We shouldn’t become so concerned about how people see us that we forget to live the life we were born to live. God made all of us unique and no matter how much we try we can never be like anyone else. Therefore the only choice that is available is that we become better at being us. Taking the time to be ourselves provides more satisfaction than all the time we will waste trying to be someone or something we are not.


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