This happens to be one of my favourite passages in the bible. Even before I fully understood what it was teaching I was drawn to it on several occasions because it exudes comfort to my soul. I deliberately set out to study it looking at the context to see if what I was thinking was what was being taught. Now it means so much more to me than when I first started out because it is not only comforting but also liberating. I will not get into the deeper meaning at this point but look at a few salient points that I have drawn from it that help to shape my outlook on life.

Whatever happens in my life good or bad the God that I serve and try my best to be faithful to through I live is able to use it to bring about His purpose and my blessing. When all is going it is easy to relate to the message of Romans 8: 38, but during times of turmoil, it can be a challenge. I don’t know of anyone in their right minds who thinks that when they are going through struggles believes it will somehow work out to bring them blessings and favour from God. When I am dealing with my personal trials the first thing I usually think about is how long it will take to get past them. When I am being tried and tested I tend to have more questions than the answers that I seek. In other words, while I am faced with these battles my faith is often shaken and not where it should be.

But then this verse hits me like a ton of bricks and I am in awe of how the Lord can send us a reminder of His power in my life when I need it most. This passage helps me understand that though my circumstances a real and sometimes painful there is nothing about me that escapes the attention of God. He always has my best interest at the forefront of all that He does because He has promised to do so. Even the things that sometimes find unbearable are a part of the bigger picture of God’s providence and I can trust that He already knows the outcome. He alone is able to take the bits and pieces of my brokenness and weave them into a masterpiece.

So what are the things that have worked together for my good and God’s purpose? Disappointments, failures, loss and heartache are just some of the things I have had to deal with in the last few years. When I was dealing with them I thought that I was at the lowest point in my life with little to look forward to. Again Romans 8: 28 is my testimony that in the darkest of times God can allow His glory to shine in me. Out of disappointment, failure, loss and heartache, God has moulded me into His vessel of honour and using me to accomplish His purpose. My purpose is clearer because the master potter has set me on a path on which I have no choice but to walk.

Another truth that stands out is that Romans 8: 28 is conditional, not optional. He has the power to cause all things to work out for my benefit but I am compelled to meet the condition of loving Him. It is only after I have met this condition that I can begin to comprehend the magnitude of His purpose for me. This blowing because I have struggled with finding my purpose for so long. Now I understand that it was never about me but always about Him and His will for me. All things will work together for my good but requires me to patiently wait on the Lord to have His way in my life. When I am faced difficult circumstances I sometimes fall into trap of believing I am a failure. I go days refusing to come out of my funk. I play the blame game especially when I don’t want to accept responsibility for my actions. Then God who is always faithful sends me a timely reminder that He is the one that has set my life in motion.

I know there is more for me to learn from Romans 8: 28 but for now I will bask in the knowledge that I am serving the God who is always making a way for His faithful people. There is no greater comfort than knowing that even though my struggles are real I don’t need to fear the outcome of any situation. Even when I don’t see immediate results; even if I am disappointed or when I decide to give up in my moments of weakness I can be confident that in the end, God has the power to bring everything under His control. I know this because all things because all things keep working together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.


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