Take a break!

Life is interesting, but it can also be difficult. We are focused on getting the maximum benefit out of each hour of the day sometimes we run ourselves ragged. There are so many things that demand our attention and we often fool ourselves into believing they must all be done at once. Many of us don’t know what it means to slow down and over time we allow our health to deteriorate, our souls to become so burdened we have no peace and our emotions to be doing constant battle with our spirits. Somebody once told me that the only cure for sleep is actually sleeping. With this in mind, I hasten to say that the only thing that can take care of living a burned out life is taking a break. Taking a break is essential to our physical, emotional and psychological well-being and those who don’t learn this early in their lives will have a high price to pay.

It is not a hard thing to do, but it requires deliberate action. Many of the things we worry about not doing or achieving will outlive us. Even with the best-made plans life has a way of cheating us and most of the things that would add years to our lives are the things we keep putting off until tomorrow. We somehow keep convincing ourselves that we will take a break from it all as soon as one goal is achieved only to find out in the end that we wasted valuable time focusing on things that don’t matter. Life is a journey and while we are pedalling through the garden of life it is important to stop and smell the flowers every now and then. Remember we only get to do this right once so why not make the best of it while we can. Take a break from it all and begin learning how to live abundantly and fulfil the purpose we were ordained by the Creator to do.

Take a break! Nothing that we are pursuing currently is worth dying for. The accolades, houses, fancy cars, wealth and even some relationships all fade with time. The things we spend so much of energy pursuing and accumulating will be left behind to become useful to somebody else. At the end of it, all the bank of good memories will prove to be more lucrative than all the financial intuitions of this world. Take a break! Do something special! Make some memories with the people that are important to us before we lose the opportunity. Take a break!  Stop making plans that are always in the distance. Take a break! Stop pushing the people that love and cherish you away you will know their true value until they are no longer around. Take a break! Don’t allow present circumstances to overshadow the joy of being alive. Take a break! It is worth every second that is spent doing so; we will never become poorer for taking time out to make the best of life.


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