If you were to die on the job it is almost certain that within the shortest possible time you would be replaced. Your desk would have been cleared out, cubicle rearranged and the files and documents you guarded with your life would have become the prized possessions of another. We tend to spend so much of our time investing in the dreams of other people we end up forgetting our own. We work overtime; double overtime and public holidays to make sure targets are met even to the detriment of our families and relationships. We trade our health for the perks that come with the job not realizing that the day we become sick or incapacitated the perks will be gone with the wind. Most people who are in a job are not doing it because they love it, they do it to get by, just to make sure that the bills get paid at the end of the month. Guess what you are not the job! You are much more than that. You are here to achieve a greater purpose that will outlive the job you are currently doing, but you have to believe it to claim it.

If what you are doing now is not something that you would wake up and do every day even if you were not being paid you have not yet found your passion, its just a job. This job will keep you captive for as long as it can, it will make you a slave by making you believe you have no other choice. A job may provide you with enough money to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, but it will never stir your passion, unlock your potential or give you a thirst for abundant living. You were born to be so much more, a job will provide temporary satisfaction but it will not soothe your soul. Don’t just settle for a job; be brave enough to take on the challenge of discovering what it is that you are passionate about. If you don’t do this you will become miserable and broken in spirit when you finally realize that you are not the job.

You may be collecting accolades and awards but still, you are not the job. People who invest in their passion don’t worry about recognition because what they do is out of love. No matter how long you work at a job when you die or retire within a few years few people will remember who you were. On the other hand, when you pursue your passion and do it with all your heart you are writing your name in the pages of history. You may be working at a job now, but that’s not your final destination; there is more to living than having a job. The job you have now is only a temporary station on your way to greatness. Begin making plans to leave the job because it will not make you happy. Be brave, step out and stake your claim in the world. Have no fear of what you don’t know because you know enough to do what needs to be done. Take charge of your destiny and make that change because you are not the job.

Why should you give the best years of your life chasing after the profit of other people? Wouldn’t it make better sense to start living your own dreams? Your job will never be loyal to you so don’t waste your life existing for the job. The things you learn and can do for yourself will be with you until the day you die. Why not begin using those gifts and talents to help change the world and at the same provide the satisfaction you deserve. Remember you are not the job and the job is not you, you don’t need each other to survive. The day you can’t do that job anymore you become obsolete so stop fooling yourself that the job can’t do without you. The job will be around long after you are gone so don’t allow it to consume you it is not worth it. No matter how hard you try the job will own you if you don’t let go. In the end, the greatest thing you can do for yourself is to accept that you are not the job.


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