The desire to live a fulfilling life is at the top of the list of most people’s expectations. People want to know that what they are doing or pursuing will bring them joy, happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Everybody wants a slice of the abundant living pie before they depart this earth, but most will this to be an elusive dream. Abundant living is not unattainable the problem lies in howpeople choose to measure abundance. The accumulation of wealth, accolades andmaterial things is the plateau of a number of person’s lives, but they neverfill the empty spaces of the soul. People are simply exchanging one thrill foranother only to end up feeling empty and unsatisfied with all the stuff theyhave around them. Abundant living is more than basking in the temporarysatisfaction that tangible things provide. The true measure of abundant livingis seen when passion and purpose collide to produce success that is driven byservice to humanity.

The wise man King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes in his twilight years found out that he had the wrong idea of abundant living. He wasted much of his time investing in the stuff that did not matter and comes toa realization of the true measure of abundant living when it is almost too late. He states that he withheld nothing of pleasure, wealth or power from himself, but it was not enough to give the satisfaction that he craved. He concludes that the sole purpose of humanity is to live a life of service to the creator and others that will lead to abundant living. Like King Solomon, this is the story of many people’s lives.  They travel through life hopingto find the things that will bring joy and happiness only to be disappointedbecause are searching in all the wrong places. The true measure of an abundantlife is not the stuff that fades away with time, but the stuff that has an enduring quality.

Abundant living is a path that the majority of people hope to walk one day, but can be a path is a difficult one for most. The joy of having found passion and purpose that unlocks greatness requires intent and precision. Abundant living will not happen if there is no realignment of the things that people consider valuable. Continuing to invest in things that don’t matter will only result in more unhappiness and hopelessness. To have an abundant life will require making some very hard decisions and committing to sticking to them even through periods of trial. Don’t become so caught up in what others value but chart a direction that will engender maximum benefit towards a spiritual awakening.  Life does not have to be a drag if it is lived the way it was meant to be, find fulfilment, joy, peace of mind and happiness in doing the things that put the soul at rest no matter how much is accumulated. In the end, abundant living comes down to a choice investing in alife of purpose or a life of temporary satisfaction.


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