Another year is fast coming to an end the resolutions are now in the gestation phase preparing to give birth with the ringing in of another year. But do you ever get tired of making the same promises to yourself? Do you find that you become weary by mid-march because you now discover your goals were unrealistic? Maybe it’s time that you consider changing course. You cannot keep doing the same things repeatedly and hope to get better results. Maybe next year you may need to stop overloading your life with goals that are not attainable within that timeframe and concentrate on the things you can do one day at a time. Life can become burdensome and if you are not careful just like previous years you will find yourself suffering from burnout before you begin to put in any real work. Sometimes changing course and realigning yourself is the best option that is available, but it is one that may just work in your favour.

It is only a fool that does not learn from their mistakes, so don’t settle for living life in the fast lane which ultimately gets you nowhere. Sometimes resolutions can be overrated because the majority of people in the world that make them never seem to know how to follow through with them. Don’t promise yourself to do things that you know in the back of your mind will eventually get left get by the wayside. Most times the best way to change course is to do an evaluation of your priorities and begin the process of putting things in order of their importance. Note, not everything that seems important and demands your attention is going to help you to meet your objectives. Learn how to do those things that will help you reap maximum results. It is better to do a few things well than to lay plans for a number of things that never get done.   

Changing course is not a one-off activity you may have to readjust and realign several times as the pressures of life begin to take its toll. But the secret is not to become frustrated and discouraged remember the most successful people in life had to go through the same process. Life is not a gamble on the contrary life can be fantastic if it is lived intentionally. In order to get the best out of life, you have to be willing to do what it takes to achieve it. It will not patiently wait until you have figured everything out it moves in real time and all that you can do is plan to be on the train before it leaves the station. Change course if you must and don’t feel guilty if you find that other people are ahead of you. Learn how to live life at your own pace, be comfortable dancing to the beat of your own drum. The worst thing you do to yourself is trying to live life based on the expectations of the people around you.

As you look forward to a productive year remember changing course does not mean you have failed. What it means is that you have found out what has not been working for you and you refuse to waste more time. It’s alright to feel uncertain sometimes, you may even feel a little helpless but never allow those feelings to detract you from your ultimate goal to discover your passion, find you’re your purpose and unleash your potential so that you can begin to embrace abundant living.


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