It is interesting that life has become an ongoing competition. We all seem to be in an endless race to prove that we are the best of the best. Feelings of resentment and even hatred are harboured in our hearts towards those who appear to be getting ahead at a faster pace. We are in an era where people will deliberately set out to sabotage our efforts to prove that they are better than us. We don’t share information or work together on any project for too long. With noble intentions, we try to help others, but it ends up in conflict because somebody ends up feeling that they are not receiving their fair share of the pie. We are constantly at odds fighting to see whose light can shine brighter. It’s all about the competition, but if we should pay attention, this kind of competition does not usually end well for anybody.

Competition is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it is in the heat of competing that we are able to test the limits of our strength. Competition can bring out the very best in most of us; it can allow our creative juices to flow from the fountain of talent. Healthy competition builds confidence, it allows us to view things from different perspectives. It helps us to learn new things and provides us with a platform to build on what we already know. But there is also a dark side to engaging in competition, it can also be the source of our destruction. Unhealthy competition can cause us to do things we never thought we were capable of doing and it can make us sink low into the pit of deceit and compromise. It can disrupt our system of morals and value bringing us to a place where only our selfish desires are worth pursuing. 

But what do we really have to prove? Why do we need to compete at all? Isn’t this world large enough for all of us to maximize our potential without the need for competing hanging over our heads? Life is just too short to live it always trying to prove we are better than others or how much more accomplishments we have made than the average person. The satisfaction of out doing someone is often not as sustainable as we believe it to be. That is why so many people keep jumping from project to project trying to fill the void left behind after the competition is over. We have nothing to prove to anyone but ourselves, so focus on outdoing yourself. We should set our goals and watch ourselves beat them and then be prepared to do it all over again.


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