Life as we know it can change in an instant. Everything that we hold dear or the people we love can vanish from our presence leaving a void time cannot replace. We keep putting off for tomorrow the things that we should be doing today. We are always intending to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us, but never seem to get around to doing it. We make plans to enjoy life more, but often work and the pursuit of material things silently rob us of time. Our health becomes the victim of the daily grind of making ends meet and sooner rather than later we are spending more to regain what we have lost. Life will not wait on us to catch up to it, while we are wasting valuable time chasing meaningless stuff understand that life as we know it can be over in an instant.

We often fool ourselves into believing that time is always on our side. Have we given thought to the fact that many people before us died thinking the same thing? I believe if they could turn back the hands of time they would choose to do things differently. They would have lived more, loved more and they would opt to learn the true meaning of living an abundant life. They would have done all in their power to live a life pursuing the things that they were passionate about. Time is not obligated to wait on anybody, but as long as there is time there is always an opportunity to do so much enjoy a full life. We grasp these opportunities because most times they are only presented to us once. The opportunities that we allow to pass us by today will become our misery tomorrow because everything can be over in an instant.

Let us stop trying to chase life and learn how to live in the moment of each day. Be thankful for all that you have and stop consuming yourself with the things you don’t have. Some of the happiest people in this world will never possess a fraction of what many of us gather in one lifetime. Yet their days and nights are filled with so much love, joy and piece we appear as paupers to them. People who understand how delicate life is don’t dwell on their circumstances. What they do is learn how to use their circumstances to live the best life they can. They don’t go around feeling sorry for themselves; they don’t make excuses but are quick to accept responsibility for their failings. Such persons know that most things about life hang in the balance and the only real guarantee we have is what we do now.

It can be over in an instant so be the best that you can be today. You may never have enough to do all the things you want to do, but as long as there is life there are some things that must be done. Do these things with passion and don’t apologize for your drive or motivation to squeeze the most out of life. You and I have only one life to live and so we are compelled to live it to the maximum. The greatest tragedy would be to go to our graves accomplishing very little because we refused to believe that it could be all over in an instant.


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