Regrets, heartaches, pain, and disappointments are just some things that people must deal with because they lived planning to do essential things tomorrow. We always convince ourselves that we will have enough time to do things right. But time can be a deceiver and so the best thing we can do is to do what we can with the time we have. Life will not wait on us to catch up to it, so while we are making plans for tomorrow, opportunities are floating into thin air. Tomorrow is not a promise that any of us can keep, so why waste precious time planning when we have all of today? Tomorrow is like a train that has not yet arrived, while today is the train waiting to leave the station to journey into the unknown.

If tomorrow never comes, what would we have lost or gained? Would we pray we had a little more time or would we step confidently into eternity knowing we have accomplished all we can? If tomorrow never comes, we will not have another chance to fill this world with our positive energy. We will never have another opportunity to speak words of life into a wounded soul or to just “I love you” to someone who needs to hear it. Life as we know it can be cut short at any moment. So why not take steps to live each moment giving the best we can? If tomorrow never comes because we have done all that we can with today, we go boldly into the unknown.

If tomorrow never come, we would have already enjoyed today, we would have missed nothing. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives, so make it count. Make today the day that we give our best and do our best. Tomorrow is still in the wind. We trust the Lord has already set things in motion and is now waiting for us to take our place. There is so much still left in this world to be done, and it cannot be done tomorrow, so begin doing it today. If tomorrow never comes, we would have done it all, and we can now rest in peace.


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