If we don’t want to do something, we will make every excuse to justify why it can’t be done. Sometimes it is easier to make an excuse than to deal with the fact that in trying, we might fail. But the fear of failure is not enough reason to keep sitting comfortably on the sideline while the world passes us by. Life has several challenges, and we must decide to face them head-on if we will settle for experiences that are void of purpose. The excuses we make will have us procrastinating until we eventually forget that it was our thirst for success that had driven us. If we are to have successful lives, we should stop making excuses and swallow our fear and make things happen.

If we should search the earth from end to end, it is a certainty that we will not find a single that has been successful, that did so while making excuses. Successful people understand excuses are a killer of dreams. Excuses make the poor poorer and the dumb even dumber. Excuses don’t sprout men and women with wisdom. Yet so many people will choose to live in the city of excuses. We should stop making excuses and find the courage to step into our purpose. No matter how many excuses we make, they will never be enough to bring us what we desire. Excuses can only bring us disappointments, misery, and a soul that is always thirsty for something better.

There is more power in us than we could ever imagine, but our excuses will keep us from unleashing it for the world to see. We have so much potential that needs to be unlocked and shared with the people around us, but our excuses will not allow others to see the best we have to give. Excuses will have us going around in circles until we are tired, but with nothing to show. They rob us of the strength we should be otherwise spending to accomplish great things. Excuses are a roadmap to a place called the land of dreams and inhabited by people who have lost their passion for living. No matter how many excuses we make, we will come out with nothing all the time.

Excuses will do little to change the direction of our lives, so why keep making them? Get up! Do something about present circumstances and see how much more of life we can enjoy. Why wait until we have no other choice to discover that we all exist for a reason. We are here because the Creator wants us to be here, but we were not placed here to strive to make excuses. We are here to grow to become the best that we can be and only when we have tried our best will our Creator be pleased. If we want to live better, we must do better and stop making excuses!   


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