It is difficult to accept, but as we understand what it means to live abundantly, we will also outgrow some people in our lives. Abundant living often involves having a different perception of what is most valuable in life from the average person. We exist in a world where people’s idea of good living comprises the accumulation of material things, higher education, money in the bank, and social recognition. Abundant living is much more than these things; it is about growing in our lives were like the apostle Paul in Philippians 4: 11-13 we find contentment in all circumstances.

Truth is, many people we have in our circle will not be prepared to deal with this side of us, so we must decide to outgrow them. It may be one of the most challenging things we will have to do, but cannot truly live in abundance while maintaining unhealthy relationships with people who don’t think like us. Now and then, we will be required to do an inventory of the people around us to see if they are helping us on our way to abundant living.

Some people in our lives are not ready to grow and are also not prepared for our growth. Not that there is anything wrong with them; it is that just as we all grow at a different pace. Then there will be those who will refuse to grow, and these are the ones we need to pay keen attention to. People who refuse to grow will want to keep us in a place where we are always at their disposal. The minute we try to step out from under them, we become the objects of their criticisms. We become people who want too much out of life or have unrealistic expectations.

Note this truth, there is nothing ordinary about abundant living. Only people who will take chances will also be willing to stretch themselves to live above the expectations of others. Abundant living demands that for us to grow, we also accept that we will need to leave some people behind. It will not be easy, but when we dare to do it, the rewards will be great.

People who accept our growth make valuable companions; these people will always be in our corner. Usually, these people have stuck with us through thick and thin. They have been there to witness our struggles or failures; our heartaches and pains, and they stick around for our breakthrough. Such people are not afraid to see us grow. They will cheer us on as we move towards abundant living.

Abundant living is good living, but like most good things, it comes with a cost. The people who refuse to take the journey with us will have to be left behind. When this happens, feelings of guilt will threaten us, but these are feelings we must overcome. If we dwell on feeling guilty, we will only stunt discovering a life of passion and purpose. Whatever we do we should never be afraid to grow, even it means we have to shed some load and rid ourselves of the burden of unproductive people.


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