A fact we must face is that we are all called to do everything. Some are called to defend the rights of others, and they do say with a passion that burns within them. Others are called to create such beauty in this world it would bring the angels to tears. Still, others are called to sing songs and pen poems that bring healing to the soul, and now one can do it as they do. There are people in this world who can brighten a room with a smile, and there are those that will put you at peace with a conversation. Some people will make us forget about our problems with their contribution of youthful laughter; then there those who can make a simple meal come to life with their magic touch. We were not called to do everything, but we were called to do something. Don’t pay so much attention to what the other flowers in the garden are doing and learn how to grow where you are planted. The time we waste wishing that we were like everybody else could be better spent growing into the magnificent flower we were designed to become.

Enjoy celebrating the beauty in other people and see how much we enjoy the beauty in ourselves. Sometimes we are so caught up in envying the gifts of other people we forget we are also created with gifts of our own. We often forget that the same garden that produces flowers also produces weeds and we can choose to grow either grow as flowers or as weeds. A flower does not squander valuable time wondering what the weeds are doing because it is too busy growing. When we focus too much on what others are doing in their various stages of growth, we lose sight of the fact that we also are going through the same process. For a flower to become a thing of beauty, it must make use of what it is being fed from the soil. We are continuously being fed by life, almost everything that we see around us can be used for our growth, but it depends on how we make use of them. We can either grow where we are planted, or we can choose to live and die like useless weeds.

One key to abundant living is learning how to live. We learn how to live by first being willing to learn how to grow. Too many of us want to live without increasing. We should only be afraid to improve if we are unsure of the results. People who are passionate about living don’t have time to dwell on what gifts they don’t have, but they make the best of what is available now. Whatever garden we find ourselves in, one thing is sure that all the plants are in the same soil. What we become is what we take from the ground in which we are planted, and it hardly ever changes. If we cannot grow, we can blame everybody around us, but it will do little in altering our circumstances. We must grow where we are planted. Or we will waste away like weeds, and nobody likes a good weed.


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