Psalm 24: 1-3 reminds us that the entire earth and all its abundance is in the realm of a God who desires all good things for those whom He loves. If this is true, then why do so many people settle for less? Why is it that so many are resigned to waiting until luck comes their way rather than taking God at His word and going out and claiming what He promises? If all good things belong to God, who does He want to have them? The answer is simple: those who are called by His name and obedient to His will. However, those who should reap the things of God often settle for mediocrity, picking up bits and pieces here and there, while those who would exploit His goodness and grace continue to gain. Not that God loves them any more than He loves us; it is that they are often willing to do what we are not. They may or may not even believe in God, but they are eager to tap into the natural order of life and make use of every opportunity that comes their way.

There is a misconception that when people who engage in life coaching speak of living an abundant life, it means accepting life as it is. Abundant living is not about settling for mediocrity, but about maximizing life in every aspect. Many who are of the Christian worldview are taught a false theology of waiting until they get to heaven to enjoy all things good. They are instructed to accept their lot in life because God is going to provide them with an inheritance that is worthy of their present suffering. So, it seems like all things prosperous are reserved for the wicked and sinful of this world and the rest of us drown in perpetual poverty. We could not be more wrong about; what God desires for us; we are called to live lives of abundance unlocking the bountiful promises of God. Abundance is not settling; it is learning how to apply God’s words in practical ways that will lead us to experience the best life possible.

Abundant living means finding the courage to step outside of our comfort zone and taking on life challenges even when the outcome is uncertain. If we don’t allow ourselves to find this courage, then the only option that will be available to us is selling ourselves short for a life of less. Most of the people alive want more, but most are not willing to do more. We all want to taste success and find our purpose, but how many of us are ready to go the extra mile to achieve this? Nothing in our lives will change by wishful thinking; therefore, we must go beyond what makes us comfortable. When we settle for less, the only gain we can hope for is an existence of regretting what could have been. We must decide to give ourselves that extra push that will help us see what is beyond the horizon. Nobody that is presently experiencing abundant living has done so by settling for less, but they have spread their wings and learned how to fly. You and I can do the same if we only dare to push ourselves beyond the limits of our imaginations.


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