Sometimes we become so concerned about what other people do we lose sight of the fact that we are on the same journey. We waste valuable time believing the seeds that are in other people’s storehouses are worth more than our own.  We allow our seeds to rot away and eventually; the storehouse falls into disrepair. God has given each of us a blessing of seeds in our storehouses. What we choose to do with them is entirely up to us. If we sow from our storehouse, we discover that there will be little to time to worry about what others are doing with their supply.

The interesting thing about sowing is that we can only harvest that which we have sown. No matter how hard we try, we can never achieve more than we will invest in sowing. A farmer who desires an abundant harvest understands it requires many long hours of toiling. He gets up each day, sowing his seed, not paying too much attention to what the other farmers around him are doing. He knows that if he does this consistently eventually, his storehouse will receive a blessing.

God, in His wisdom, does not give all of us the same seeds, neither does He put our storehouse in the same location. It is this variety that makes harvesting so interesting we never have to be envious of what anybody else is doing because He has given us things of our own. There are enough seeds and storehouses for everyone, so why waste time being envious of what others are doing? Things will fall apart when we don’t take time to work on the seeds that have been placed in our care.

When we cannot give attention to the seeds in our storehouses, what everybody else is doing becomes an attraction. Not that we have failed at sowing, it’s that we could not see the value of what we have in our storehouse. Every seed has its value, and every storehouse can be useful, but those who have been entrusted with them must first know their worth.

The storehouse God designed for you was deliberate. The seeds that are inside are what He wants you to plant. The one thing that he expects from you is that you do your best to sow and harvest what he has given you. Sow your seed with patience and watch them grow into something spectacular. Worry less about what others are doing and focus more on putting out quality work. No matter how much is invested in the seed and storehouse of another person, it will do little to affect our harvest. We should take care of our own storehouse and plant our own seeds.


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