This could be the motto of many people, we are always on the move, doing something or going someplace having a million things to do. The funny thing about having a million things to do is that if we are not careful, we get very little done or nothing at all. Some of us fool ourselves into thinking that if we have a million things to do, it makes us appear more valuable or important. Some people that have a million things to do run themselves to a wreck trying to get them done. Still, others indeed have a million things to do but would prefer to sit convincing themselves that they can get them done in their own sweet time. No matter from what perspective we view it from it seems that we all are people that have a million things to do.

Life is best lived when we can find a balance in how we go about living it. Too many people are living having a million things to do and eventually die with the same million things not done. Yes, some things need to get done and we ought to make them a priority, but of the million things that we think need to get done only a handful of them may be worth the stress we put ourselves through. Some of us are willing to sacrifice friends, family and once good relationships on the altar of the million things that need to get done. People regularly neglect health and peace of mind because of the million things that need to be done. In the end, a million things will not be suitable replacements for what we have lost.

A million things to do, continue to be an illusion that keeps us captivated. Instead of trying to do a million things, shouldn’t we be more focused on doing those things that will eventually add value to our lives? Life is short, and time wasted cannot be regained, so we should make use of all that life is willing to give us now. We shouldn’t wait until life has to tell us that a million things we were focused on doing were not worth it at all. Doing a million things does not give us an edge over anyone else; it hardly makes us more likeable, but it will surely make us exhausted. Sometimes the best approach to the temptation of trying to a million things is to focus your energy on getting the first thing done to the best of our ability.

As long as there is life on this earth, there will be a million things to do. Even when we die, it is a certainty that we will leave behind a million things that we did not do. So try not to waste so much precious time trying to do a million things but focus on doing those things that will add years to your life. In the real world, there will always be a million things that need to be done, but the choice is ours as to what deserves our undivided attention. Doing a million things may satisfy us in the short term, but eventually, we will all have to face the fact that in the grand scheme of things, most of it will not be worth it. There are more essential things to living life than expending valuable energy trying to do a million things. We should focus on doing the things that matter most, and a million things will work itself out.


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