A mind is a powerful tool. What we spend time thinking about can either propel us to success or make us cower in fear. We find ourselves attending the occasional pity party because we are convinced we are not as talented or successful as the people around us. Whatever we believe in minds will eventually become our reality. It is important to note, though, most of the negative stuff we believe about ourselves is not true. We continue to feed ourselves lies about our lack of abilities because we are fearful of trying. We allow fear to hold us captive to the point that we become best friends with it. We cannot hope for success until we stop telling ourselves these lies. Here are some of the lies we keep telling ourselves:

  1. I am not good enough
  2. Nobody will listen to what I have to say
  3. I am not as intelligent as that person
  4. Nobody will believe me
  5. I can’t do it …… it’s too hard
  6. I am a nobody in this field
  7. I am too afraid ….. people will notice

Such lies will keep us looking over our shoulders always waiting for disaster to strike even while the opportunity to do great things stares us in the face. We cannot hope to be successful until we stop telling ourselves things that diminish our potential. One of the ways we do this is by comparing ourselves to others, saying we are not as gifted as they are. Here is the truth; there will always be somebody better at doing the things that we dream about doing. That does not suggest that we can’t become even better than they are by applying ourselves. There is nothing to be gained from playing the game of comparisons because we will always come out being sore losers. Sometimes we use the fact others may be better at doing some things as our excuse for not trying.

When we tell ourselves lies that we are not as talented as other persons it keeps us from seeing the bigger picture that life has to offer. We should refrain from believing everything negative thing conceived in our minds and get on with the business of exploring our limitless potential. If we desire to live abundant and purposeful lives we will have to begin to engage in “right-thinking”. We have to start taking stock of what we feed our minds. Only by having a better mindset can we hope to keep the lies at bay. If we don’t learn how to control our thought process then we will inevitably give the lies permission to invade our space.

From time to time, we need to clean up the files on our computers because stuff becomes obsolete, corrupt or just useless. We have to clear up space so that our system can function the way we want it, the same can be said about our minds. For the positive stuff find room in our lives which in turn will help us grow, we first have to get rid of the negative stuff. The lies we tell ourselves are a part of the negative stuff that has to go before we can begin to move towards our purpose. The only power lies have over our lives is the power we are willing to give, so begin expelling them without hesitation. We ought to practice telling ourselves the truth, and we will see how much difference it makes in us discovering that we were created to soar like eagles.


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