One of the most heart-rending things to deal with is people who persistently try to kill the dreams of others. It can literally suck the life out of you! Dream crushers come in all forms. Sometimes they are the people closest to us, like family and friends; at other times, they are the people we choose to associate with. Sometimes dream crushers do what they do unconsciously, or even out of ignorance, but at other times, dream crushers are people on a mission to destroy every dream in their path. Whichever way they come, dream crushers are bad for our health and well-being.

Beware of dream crushers! Avoid them like the plague! Nothing good can come from being around people who consistently kill your dreams. We have to build a wall of defense against negativity spewed out by people that can’t recognize the potential in us. Dream crushers are convinced that there is nothing to be gained from attempting to achieve greatness. Dream crushers cannot make sense of the fact that we are all placed on earth to do something extra-ordinary. Not that they mean any harm, but this is how they are, and the sooner we realize this, we will be better off for it.

Dream crushers are silent killers. They don’t always come out and say what’s on their minds. We can see it in their actions if we are paying attention. They will sit in the background of our lives and never cheer you on to pursue your passion. They don’t encourage you to push yourself beyond the limits of your potential. Dream crushers just accept that things will always be the same, and there is no point in reaching for the stars—dream crushers like things to remain as they are because they find comfort in mediocrity.

If we have never met a dream crusher, it probably means we are not trying hard enough to realize our dreams. As long as we are focused on moving towards our purpose, there will be people waiting to tell us we can’t do the impossible. Our dreams are worth more than we could ever imagine, and we should allow dream crushers to take them away. We need to believe in the power of our potential, and if a dream crusher comes our way, we must go in the opposite direction. Dream crushers are real, and they have only one mission in life, and that is to kill dreams.


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