Life is an investment. What we put into it is usually what we get compensated for. If we invest energy in things that have little or no value, then be prepared for that quality of life. Those who carefully plan their investment navigate through life better and also enjoy a more consistent rate of success. Almost all aspects of life have a maturity date; if not today, there is a certainty that it will happen tomorrow. Because of this, we must know we have to invest enough of the rights things in life, so when the time comes, we can make a substantial withdrawal.

Life is like the stock market. On a good day are up, going just the way we planned it. At other times, life takes a downward turn, spiraling out of control. The difference between falling apart and maintaining our sanity significantly depends on what we have invested in or even how much of what we have invested in living life. Invest stuff that adds value to living, but we can only do this if we know what the most valuable things we have. The things we invest in will either improve our lives or bring us misery and dissatisfaction. Some things will be worth all the time and effort, while others will only be fit to be written off as waste.

Invest in the family they will keep us from a life of loneliness. Usually, when we can depend on nobody else, we can always count on family. Invest in friendships. Good friends are like rare coins, but when we find them, they are worth their weight in gold. Invest in mentorship. We will always need people who are wiser than us to keep us on the right path with sound advice and guidance. Invest in knowledge; correct knowledge gives us a proper perspective on life. If we understand the value of knowledge, we would understand that even fools can teach us life lessons. Invest in leisure; we all need downtime to rejuvenate when we are exhausted from hard work. Invest in a healthy lifestyle. Most people don’t want to die young but are unwilling to do what it requires to live longer. A healthy lifestyle is no guarantee for long life, but it certainly betters the odds. Invest in proper time management; what we do with our time sets the stage for a life of success or failure. Our time is precious, so guard it as if there is little to spare. We should make sure that we spend our time doing what is worth the energy used because we will not get it back. We must not waste time doing things that will not help us achieve our purpose or find our passion.

Life is an investment, but it also comes with an expiration date. Nothing about life lasts forever; therefore, we ought to prepare for the inevitable. When we have invested in the stuff that matters when we come to the end of our sojourn on earth, we discover that living was not so bad after all. When death comes, knocking should be that we already invested so much into living we have no fear. People who invest enough into living die with very few regrets. Their lives have a purpose because they invested in the right things. Life is an investment, so invest wisely; we have only one opportunity to make the best of it.


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