There will come a time when you come to a crossroads and have to decide which direction you want to go. You can turn left, right, and go forward or backward, but whatever you do, it’s all in your hands. Life is about choices, and you have to live with them, so it is important to make the right one. Whatever you decide will set the stage for everything you accomplish or don’t accomplish over the next few years. It is time to take control of your destiny and live the life you were created to enjoy. It is time for you to grasp your breakthrough moment.

Your breakthrough moment will not be some mystical trip on the plains of hopes and dreams, but that moment of decision when your purpose becomes clear. It will be that moment when you finally muster up the courage to live out your purpose without hesitation. For too long, you have comfortably existed in the shadows and will watch opportunities pass you by. You don’t belong in a corner because the world is waiting in anticipation of you unleashing your potential. It is high time you are free from the chains holding and take your place in the circle of life. A life that has not been maximized will not find a place in history, so it is in your best interest to deliberately seek your breakthrough moment.

Your breakthrough moment will come when you cease blaming people around for your lack of success. It will happen you stop procrastinating, don’t become a victim of putting off things that are critical to you being successful. Go out and do that course; change that career you are not enjoying; find a mentor who can help clear the path to your purpose or start by making a plan to do something more than what you have been doing. Get your fear of failure under submission, because it will eventually become your master.

Your breakthrough moment will come when you decide to take on life, no matter the cost. It is time that you believe you are deserving of an exceptional life and go out and make it happen. Don’t sell yourself short by comparing yourself to others because your success belongs to you. You will get to where you should be at the right time, but you have to start somewhere. Your breakthrough moment is that moment when you choose to believe that you are more than enough.


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