A box of crayons does not come with only one colour. They are all different, which means that each has to stand out and fulfil its particular purpose. Each colour has to stay in its lane and not get carried away by what the others are doing. You will not see a blue crayon competing with a red one. It already knows that no other crayon in the box transform a work of art as it can. The blue crayon is satisfied with being different what about you?

We are different colours in a box of crayons in this world. We are all here to serve a particular purpose. We should not be afraid of standing out and what we are called to do to the best of our ability. Just like the blue crayon in the pack nobody can fulfil our purpose the way we can. There is no reason we should be competing in a space that can accommodate all of our differences. If we are blue crayon, we should stop trying to red ones and start colouring the world blue. The extent of our blue power is limitless and does not need to be hidden from the world.

The universe strives on differences. If that box of crayons only came with one colour, it would produce only dull artwork. Each individual colour does its job in creating a masterpiece. We are adding to the painting of life; blending all our differences to complete something beautiful. If we don’t do our part well, the artwork will be obscure. Dare to stand out in the box of crayons, celebrate being different. There is no reason to want to be like everybody else. In the box of crayons, we are all the most essential colour.


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