There is an uncomfortable contradiction that exists in the world that leaves a chill in the bones. It is strange, but in the same space, we can see much beauty and ugliness all at once. We see the affluent and dirt poor living within yards of each other, separated most times by a mere walkway. We experience the heights of joy in one instant, and the next, we are filled with horror because of the depravity of human beings. Everywhere we go, we witness the hand of a benevolent God working in the lives of people He created for greatness. Yet, while this happening, the devil is causing mayhem in the lives of the unsuspecting at every opportunity. I often say to myself, if this is the best of what life offers and there is nothing to look forward to beyond death, we are twice doomed.

Hope makes a difference in the lives of human beings. It is one of the things that distinguishes us from animals. In a world where so much is out of place, it is easy to give up. It is hope that reminds us that though the world is full of contradictions; it is worth the fight. The day we give up having hope for better days is the day that life becomes meaningless. When things around us begin to fall apart, hope makes us contemplate giving life one more chance.  Hope helps to bring out the best part of our humanity in a world that is going full speed ahead on the path of self-destruction.

In this unprecedented chaos, very little seems to make sense. The news appears to be written and edited by the grim reaper. Entertainment reflects a level of debasement that causes the mind to spin cartwheels in terror. Criminals wax wanton having no regard for life once held sacred. The games our children play have taken elements of darkness that would make the devil’s angels cringe with disapproval. In all the madness, sometimes we are left to conclude that there is no hope to be found anywhere. The cynics among us bask in the aftermath of all the chaos singing tunes of “I told you so”, while a few of us are left to pick up the pieces.

Hope steps in and places its stamp of approval on this thing called life. Without hope, there is nothing to look forward to beyond the horizon of life. Hope keeps that terminal patient holding on one more day to glimpse their loved one. Hope reminds that person on the verge of checking out on life to expect better days. When we can’t see our way out of dire circumstances; hope reminds us that there is someone greater working on our behalf. Hope takes our sufferings and turns them into triumphs; hope holds our hand through the valleys of turmoil; hope calms the storm and reminds us of who is in the boat. Everything we do; everywhere we go, hope keeps the universe in place

Keep hope alive; it is worth it. At the end of the day, if hope is the only thing we have, it makes our tough days a little lighter.  Things may not get better soon, but hope keeps us believing in the impossible. Keep hope alive; time will test the strength of our resolve, but hope will allow us to push on through it. Nothing beats hope. We may not always understand the hand we have been dealt, but hope says play the game until we do. As long as there is life within us, hope remains that one thing that keeps us from rushing to meet the angels.


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