We live in unusual times, and all around us, people are making strides. It is easy to get lost in the minefield of achievements that makes human beings feel worthy. Most people have someone they admire and look up to, and that is acceptable. There are people everywhere that inspire us to achieve our goals and aspirations or to become better versions of ourselves. It is not likely that we will find anyone who has had success, not having a person who inspired them to find their purpose. Even as we find our success, there will also be people we encourage, and they will use our experiences to bring them closer to their goals. Everyone needs a hero, that person who will give us push on through the difficult times.

There is a difference between being inspired by a person we admire and worship at their altar. Some people become so absorbed in the lives of those they admire they forget they have a life to live. With access to social media platforms at our fingertips, scrolling through the comments made about people’s lives and achievements can be interesting. People spend hours on end working their way through the pages of the influencers they believe are world-changers. When we become engulfed in other people’s lives to the point of neglecting our own, it is an unhealthy obsession. This is nothing short of worship, and it can lead us down pathways we don’t want to go.

In a world where the illusion of other people’s lives is so attractive, we must work hard not to become lost. Pictures, videos, and comments are in regular supply being consumed at an alarming rate, and the result is that some people walk away feeling inadequate. We bow down before what we think is the ideal and wish if we could be like those people. If only we were brave enough, gifted enough, and strong enough, we could do so much with our lives. If only we had what they have, our lives would be so much better or if we could be in their shoes for a moment, things would b different. In our minds, we can only reach our greatness when we become like our heroes.

Nothing is further from the truth. We don’t have to be clones of anyone to be the great people that God designed us to be. We all have our place in the world, and there is nobody that can live the life we are born to live. Even as we look on with admiration and excitement at what others are doing, never forget that we also have our touch of greatness. Please don’t get so invested in somebody else’s life that going after your passion and purpose becomes secondary. Be inspired by people, but don’t let them control you to the extent of blinding you to your reason for being alive. 


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