Fear is a curse it makes the people do strange things. If you want to live a life without purpose, a sure way to do so is to live in fear. Fear is a consistent voice in your head convincing you of all the things that will go wrong when you decide to reach for something greater than yourself. It is normal to be apprehensive whenever you have to step outside of your comfort zone, but dwelling in that space because of fear will rob you of abundant living. Fear is not a friend you can depend on to bring you to your life’s purpose. Getting rid of your fear is the first step to discovering how powerful you are and how much the world is expecting your contribution. Don’t allow fear to you shrink to the size of fitting in the box the world has fashioned for you.

Fear will transform itself into the voice of God and tell you how much it is not your time to step into greatness. It will make you paint scenarios in your mind that will never occur in a million years. Fear takes no prisoners it will break you down until there is nothing left but doubt and regret. People who settle for a life of fear will keep making excuses until the day they die. There will always be a reason floating around in your head why you shouldn’t be bold and take on life. Fear will make you feel your rightful place is to remain in the shadows watching other people shine. If you choose to live in fear, understand you are also resigning to life of defeat.

It is better to try then many fail times before you allow fear to keep you imprisoned. The hardest to break free out of is not the one with bars, but the one you construct in your mind because of fear. Fear tells you-you are not worthy of any good thing in your life. It suggests you will never measure up to the people around you. It makes you play the comparison game and before long you will become a pawn in a never-ending cycle of wasted potential. Fear is a legitimate feeling, especially when stepping into the unknown, but you should not be its slave when you are master of it.

Conquer your fear! You were not meant to exist in a box. Somebody else will do the thing you are afraid to do. Don’t be content sitting on the sidelines watching while others are fulfilling their purpose. Most of the things you fear in life will not do you harm, so why allow fear to hold you back? 


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