Jeremiah 29: 11 God through the prophet Jeremiah reminds Israel of His thoughts towards them. After spending some 70 years in Babylonian captivity, God reminds His people of His intention to bring them back to their own land. This generation of Israelites was about to step into the unknown. Imagine the feelings of apprehension threatening to overpower them going back to the land of their fore-parents with nothing but the stories handed down to them. In the passage, it is telling Israel He had never forgotten about them and His intention was always to bring them home. Even though it would be a place unfamiliar to many of them, God was about to fulfill a great promise. They were about to witness not just a promise of their prosperity and restoration, but also bear witness to the Christ the world was waiting for. Before any of this could be possible, they had to step into the unknown and place all their trust in God.

Even though we cannot comprehend everything God is doing, we can find comfort in His inventions for us. Fear of the unknown cripples many people from moving forward with their lives. It could not have been easy for Abraham to uproot his family and act on the words of a God he was just getting to know. What pushed Abraham to exercise his faith in God’s promise was that God told him the thoughts He had towards him Genesis 12: 1-3. Abraham stepped into the unknown on a promise, but trusted God would eventually provide him with the proof. Many times, we lose out on the blessings of God because we require proof before we accept the promise. We can accept God’s promises as proof because we know the thoughts he has towards us are always pure.

How many of us have been struggling to take the next step in our lives? Something keeps telling us it is time to come out of our comfort zone and take on a new challenge. The book you want to write; the business you want to start; the trip you want to take are all part of God declaring to you He has you covered. Stepping into the unknown will be the scariest you may have to do in your life, but if God sanctions it, you must claim it. Jeremiah reminds Israel God was going to bring them back to their own land with promises of a bright future and a hope which would culminate in the birth of a saviour. When God speaks prosperity over the lives of His children, there is no power on earth to stop us.

Whenever you feel apprehensive about stepping into the unknown, remember the words of David in Psalm 138: 8. There is no place God can send where His hand cannot reach us. Before He asks us to step into the unknown, He is already there, making preparations for our arrival. Long before we decide it is right for us to move, he already knows what the outcome will look like. All the things we are afraid of, God has already subjected them to His will, and therefore we have nothing to fear. The next time you feel daunted by the unknown, remember the thoughts God has towards you will always benefit you if you learn to trust Him.


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