In a world where everything fake is celebrated, it is tempting to want to follow the crowd. The average person is afraid or uncomfortable standing out and willingly exchanges their true self for a fake existence. It requires courage to be unapologetically you, but it is the best thing you can do to live a happy life. If you are confident in being, you will find some people cannot deal with it and become uncomfortable just being in your presence. You don’t have to be unloving, obnoxious, or unlikeable. All you need to do is choose to be you and people who deal with aura will have a problem. Even if people are threatened by your presence, it is not a good enough reason to stop being you. Don’t make excuses and suppress who you are in your heart or heart simply because somebody thinks you are too much.

When I write about being you, I am not giving you permission to treat people with disrespect, arrogance, or to invest in others feeling small belittled in your presence. Being you means being confident of the place you have and the contribution you are making to a wonderful planet called earth. It means not needing to seek permission to explore your God-given potential with passion and purpose. Being you is recognizing, though you have flaws, you will not allow them to distract you from living an abundant life. It means telling your story with pride, even the parts some would rather not hear. Being you means inviting people to share your space princes and paupers alike. Being you can be a hard task indeed, but it is the only way to unlock the door to happiness.

Living a fake life does not take a lot of effort; it is everybody’s game to play. It is easy to construct a life of deception and lies. It is easy to get people to believe what you want them to believe. But being you is hard work because it calls for honesty and honesty makes us vulnerable and vulnerability leaves us exposed to a world of judgment and hurt. Being you will open wounds and cultivate enemies, but the satisfaction of being unapologetically you is undeniable. Choose to be you at all times because it means you will waste precious time pretending to be something you are not.

Be you! Stop worrying so much about what the world thinks. Even if you live a fake life, you will still find some people disliking who you are, so it is always better to be you. Being you will attract the people you need in your life to take you the distance. These stick by you through all the storms of life. Be you! Pretending drains your energy and kills your spirit. If you want to live and die in peace with a smile on your face, the only option is to be unapologetically you.


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