This was the place where God had brought Israel in His promise to protect, preserve, and provide for them. This place became a source of familiarity and comfort for them. God’s statement in Deuteronomy Chapter 1: 6 reveals a disturbing trend with Israel. Familiarity and comfort breed complacency. Israel, in their comfort, forgot that God did not intend the mountain to be their final destination. As God’s people, Christians, today are not different from the Israelites. Many Christians are resting at the foot of the mountain, drowning in comfort and complacency. We take so much of God’s blessings for granted and forget His blessings are not our final destination.

After saying this to Israel, God tells them it is time for them to leave. They would find nothing He promised them dwelling at the foot of Mount Sinai. The mountain had served its purpose and could do nothing more for them. How long have been lingering at the foot of the mountain waiting for God to for you there what He promised to do elsewhere? While they were living in the Sinai desert, they were in preparation mode. They were to prepare to claim all of God’s promised blessings by taking the land of Canaan. Here is the truth! Preparation lasts a little while. You cannot be successful living in preparation mode. A time will come when you will need to get to the task, which will bring you success.

God takes us to the place where He wants to prepare us for blessings, but He doesn’t intend for us to dwell there permanently. The mountain was a place of preparation for Israel, but it could have easily become a place of lost opportunities. Prior to them coming to Mount Sinai, they had witnessed God’s amazing power (fed with manna, guided by fire and a cloud, crossing the Rea Sea, etc.). Even after they had taken the Land of Promise, God was still doing amazing things for them. If they had wasted time dwelling at the foot of the mountain, there would be no story for them to tell.

“You have been too long at this mountain.” What mountain have you been waiting at in this season? Where is God leading you to go, but you are still comfortable in preparation mode? What have you been putting off because your fear of failure is stronger than your desire to succeed? What excuses have you been making so as not to hold yourself accountable? You have been too long at this mountain; it is time for you to move or else you will die there. The mountain has served its purpose. It is no time for you to possess the land.

“Look, I am giving you all this land to you! Go in and occupy it.” For several generations, Israel would have heard these words, but here they were lagging at Mount Sinai. Does this sound like somebody you know? The place where God makes promises is not usually the place where promises are fulfilled. We must go to the place where God wants us to activate His promises. God does not need to keep reassuring us because we know He doesn’t go back on His word. The problem is not with God, it is always with us. How long are you going to dwell at the foot of the mountain when God has promised you so much more? While we wait at the mountain of promise, the minions of hell reap havoc on our insecurities and we miss out on our blessings. You have been too long at this mountain; it is time to take God at His word and transform into people of faith.


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