If we learn the art of positive thinking, we can change our outlook on life. People who feel better about themselves also deal with stress and life’s issues more productively. Positive thinking is a key ingredient to purposeful living and helping us combat everyday issues. Here are a few things to remember as we embark on the journey to controlling our thoughts:

Self-confidence is golden

People who lack self-confidence suffer from anxiety and an inferiority complex. This causes them to view life always from the deep end of the pool. If we begin our day believing we are the worst person in the world, don’t be surprised if we behave like it throughout the day. We ought to know our worth and praise ourselves every day when we do something well. Greet every morning with the words “today is the day I am becoming the best me.”

  • Be appreciative and caring

In our quest to self-actualize, appreciation and recognition are important. If we genuinely appreciate people, they will appreciate us. Caring about people should not be because of what we can gain from them. We are naturally social beings. Therefore, the desire for appreciation and caring is like blood flowing through our veins. When we show appreciation and care, people will place a high value on our humanity.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

We should avoid being Atlas, carrying the world on our shoulders. The best of us need help in our journey. We ought to allow pride to get the better of us and settle for stress and anxiety when the simple solution is to get help. Remember, we have limited time, energy, and resources and realistically, we can’t tackle everything by ourselves. If we think we can do it ourselves all the time, we are going to spend a long time doing it alone.

  • Tackle challenges with a positive attitude

Our attitude toward challenges will affect how we overcome them. Everybody has problems. You are not the first and you won’t be the last. Seeing the glass as half full in contrast to half empty will yield positive results all the time. Some challenges may be more severe than others, but a positive approach is always the better alternative.

  • Kick worrying to the curb

Like any bad habit, we can overcome worrying because worrying is a habit. It’s difficult, but don’t let negative thoughts take over your mind. The things beyond our control, we should let them go and stop worrying about them. If we fill our minds with positive things, there will be less room for us to worry. A good portion of the stuff we worry about never usually happens and the rest we have the power to change. Worrying is then not a viable option. Take control, remain calm and happy, and put worrying in your rearview.  

  • Pause and recharge

It is necessary to breathe, step back and take a break. If we want more productivity going on like the energizer bunny will defeat the purpose. Sometimes, to get the best result, we need to take a break and do nothing. Recharging gives us the opportunity to look at things from another perspective. Sleep and rest are key ingredients to a positive mindset. Life is already fast-paced; don’t make it worse by chasing after it. Enjoy some vacation or alone time, relax and prepare for what comes next.

  • Focus on all things positive

Life is already full of negative stuff don’t compound the problem by making them our problem. Prepare for the worst, but don’t invest in it at every opportunity. Focusing on the positives will keep us focused on positive outcomes. To every problem, there is a solution, but seeing the negative in the problem will keep us from finding the solution. Focusing on positive things will keep us happy and calm; will help us not to make hasty decisions.

  • Faith still moves mountains

It is faith that keeps us moving, even everything around us is suggesting failure. Faith keeps us focused on what is important when it matters most. A positive mind begins with believing all things are possible, even when a mountain is standing before us.

Positive thinking will make your life easier. Your approach to life will either make or break you. Learn the art of thinking possible and watch yourself exceed expectations. Develop a positive attitude and you will never regret it.


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