Overthinking stuff is as bad as procrastination. Overthinking will cause us to refuse to pursue our dreams because we look at all the ways things can go wrong. Overthinking is a dream killer. It is a waste of time to sit thinking about what can go wrong when we are busy doing nothing. Don’t overthink life. Most of the things we fear doing are already being one by others brave enough to do them. If we want to find reasons not to do something, we don’t have to look very far, just begin overthinking it.

Overthinking stifles our creativity and robs us of the satisfaction of stepping into the unknown with courage. Instead of overthinking everything, why not learn how to live in the moment and accept challenges head-on as they come? Overthinking tells us everything will go wrong, even when the evidence says otherwise. Overthinking is a dream killer and many of us are its unsuspecting victims.

Thinking things through before making important decisions is necessary, but overthinking can keep dwelling in the planning stage of life. Sometimes we overthink so much our great ideas become the success stories of other people. While we are overthinking, other people around us are taking chances and turning their dreams into reality. We ought to step out in faith and allow life to work itself out while we are doing our part.

Don’t overthink to the point where the world passes us by and we are wasting time focused on the plans of yesterday. Let us get out of our comfort zones and do what we must while we have the opportunity. Life will not wait until we have all our ducks in a row. While we are contemplating our next move, somebody has completed the game and is looking for the next challenge. Don’t allow overthinking to become our best friend.


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