Worrying can be a painful and unhealthy experience. We rarely change anything about our circumstances by indulging in this useless activity. Anxiety and worry are attributed to many health problems, from stomach ulcers to heart attacks, yet we can’t seem to get enough of them. It is human nature to worry, especially in situations of uncertainty, but it does not have to define your life. You can find more peace, joy, and happiness in your life by learning some simple things to help move you along. Here are 5 things you can do to stop worrying and unlock your treasure chest of abundant living:

Change our attitude. Happiness is a choice, worrying is also a choice. Our attitude towards any situation will guide the approach we take to deal with it. Worrying keeps us in a place where negative thinking takes over and solutions seem out of reach. If we replace a negative attitude with a positive outlook, then we become solution-focused. The pessimist will always see a problem in every solution while the optimist looks for the solution in every problem. If we can change the way we view challenges, we will worry less. Instead of approaching life, always seeing the glass half empty, adjust your lenses and see it always half full and see the difference it makes.

Trust previous evidence. Paul in Philippians 4: 19 is not making an up in the air statement. He is drawing on the evidence of his previous experience with God. Do we realize that a good portion of the things we waste time worrying about eventually work themselves out? Most of us who worry have a body of evidence of things God has done for us and situations He has brought us through. When we worry, we do Him a disservice; what else does he need to do to prove Himself? Whatever He has done in the past, He can keep doing in the present and we can trust He will continue to do for us in the future, therefore worrying is a futile activity. Worry less and trust Him more!

Count our blessings. Life happens, but God’s blessings continue to flow in abundance. We spend so much time worrying about what we don’t have, we often forget to give thanks for what we have. Sometimes we sit and worry needlessly about losing what we have and forget it is the same God who can supply us with much more. We worry so much we forget to be grateful and give thanks for the preserving power of God. Through every situation we face, it is God who keeps us. David, in Psalm 23: 5, says even in the presence of our enemies, God can spread a table of blessings. It is high we stop worrying and start counting our blessings and naming them one by one.

Live in the moment. People are becoming increasingly stressed out because they are worried about the past or anxious about the future. Here is a powerful statement by the master teacher in Matthew 6: 34 “sufficient for the day is its own trouble”. Learning to live in the moment is the best thing we can do for our health and sanity. It is pointless pining away after things and circumstances we can do nothing about. Focus on the things that can be done now and plan for the future, but don’t waste time dwelling on things of yesterday. When we live in the moments of each day, there is so much more to gain. Don’t overthink life. Take each day as they come and enjoy the experiences.

Face your fears. We all know what we worry about. We know the thoughts that cripple us and keep us from moving towards abundant living. Overcoming worry happens when we face our fears. Worrying is one struggle that is common to many people and there is no shame in it. God already knows what we worry about, so there is no sense in hiding it. Jesus says in Matthew 6: 33 that a good way to overcome worry is to seek the things of God. When we are seeking the things of God, we tap into His strength and have less time to worry about getting things wrong. Face your fears, let God take control; don’t worry about anything and let the peace of God rule in your heart (Philippians 4: 7).

Worry less and pray more and God will work out all things in due time. We can keep worrying at bay if we change our attitude, trust in the previous evidence, count our blessings daily, learn to live in the moment, and finally face our fears. Worrying is a deterrent to purposeful living, but God can do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3: 20).


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