What we believe about ourselves will shape the way we live our lives. Our thoughts are so powerful if we convince ourselves we are failures, we will do everything to fail. If the people in our circle are feeding us lies about our lack of abilities or success, we most likely believe them because we value their opinions. There is a lot of negative everywhere and many people’s self-worth and self-esteem are at an all-time low. As we awake to greet each day, here is a reminder of 4 lies we should never believe about ourselves:

1. We are the worst–self-defeating thoughts are silent killers. Failing a few times or even many times is not evidence that we are the worst at anything. There is not one person on this earth who is successful who has not failed at something. Failure is as much a part of life as success. When we fail, it is not because we are the worst; it may be we are not doing something right. Instead of writing ourselves off as being the worst kind of human being, why not take time to evaluate to make changes and do better next time? Telling ourselves we are the worst will not get us any closer to success; all it achieves is drowning us deeper in self-pity. We are not the worst. Even when we fail, we can be the best if we keep on trying until we get to our goal.

 2. We are not enough–we have a way of allowing people to determine the terms of our existence. If people tell us we are not enough, we internalize it, and then it becomes the thing that guides our decisions. We look at what other people are doing and we convince ourselves we can’t do likewise because we don’t possess the gifts and talents they do. We are always looking for something to add to who we are before we can do great things rather than examining what we have now. If we want to continue thinking we are not enough, then let’s keep comparing ourselves to other people. If one person anywhere in the world can achieve greatness, it is proof that all of us can do the same. It all begins with what we tell of ourselves. We should stop telling ourselves the lie that we are not enough.

 3. Our small contribution doesn’t matter–the lenses through which we view life will cause many of us to wander around in misery. They lead us to believe that it is the big things that people do that make the most impact. Big things have their place in the world, but it is the smallest things that keep the wheels of history turning. Our contributions to life, however small, are as important as the big events. We ought not to be caught up in gaining recognition for our efforts, but work consistently at what we do and do the best we can even when no one is looking. With 7.5 billion-plus people in the world, most of us will never make a news headline, be in a magazine or newspaper, be on television, or be interviewed on radio, but our contributions to this world are no less valuable. Let us stop evaluating our success against the background of how much recognition we achieve. Life is so much more than that.

4. We don’t have opportunities–we have heard the term “opportunity comes knocking”, well if it doesn’t, we have to go looking. If we keep telling ourselves there are few or no opportunities for us to pursue greatness and abundant living, none will come our way. Opportunities are everywhere around us. We only need to put ourselves in the position to find them. If we keep saying we have no opportunities, it will not motivate us to do much more than what we are doing now. Let us stop cheating ourselves out of a life of purpose. Opportunities are everywhere if we want them badly enough. Let us not settle for mediocre living, but step out in faith and claim our destiny.

There are many more lies we tell ourselves, and the thing common with all of them is that they will not get us closer to success. Let us pay close attention to our self-talk. It may be the thing holding us back. If we continue to tell ourselves we are not enough, the worst, that contribution doesn’t matter or we lack opportunities, we will always live without knowing our real potential. The lies we tell ourselves are the enemies of our success.


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