The things we believe shape abundant living. In Proverbs 23: 7, the wise king Solomon puts it in perspective our outward behaviours are significantly driven by what is going on internally. You do not achieve abundant living by dreaming. It requires the cultivation of an abundant mindset. Abundant living is active living. You can read and study everything about abundant living, but if you don’t deliberately pursue it with a mindset and apply the principles practically, you will always be stuck. Here are 7 important truths you need to believe to create an abundant mindset and start enjoying your life.

Believe you are already successful. Speak success into your life. Every day you wake up, embrace yourself with positive words. You are not only successful in the future; you are successful right now. Celebrate your minor victories and approach everything with the mindset of a successful person.

Believe you have what you need to succeed. You have all the tools to take your life to the next level Philippians 4: 13. You are more resourceful than you know. Take a chance and stop doubting your abilities. Use what you have available to you and if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask.

Believe you are likable. You can be confident without being self-absorbed. If you are genuinely like people, even the difficult ones, people will also like you. Be comfortable in your own skin never feel pressured to pretend–there is no need to impress anyone people will like you for being you. When you like yourself, you will inspire people and they feel comfortable being around you.

Believe you can achieve your goals. Self-doubt is a killer. You are competent in achieving all your goals. Achieving them is simply a matter of when and not if. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else is obligated to. When you don’t believe in your abilities, you shut down your mind from seeing all the possibilities.

Believe the world is a friendly place. People who have an abundant mindset see the world as a friendly place. You will still experience negative things and challenging times, but seeing the world as a friendly place makes you open to new experiences. Life is one big adventure and there is still beauty waiting to be discovered.

Believe you deserve an abundant life. In John 10: 10, Jesus said he came to show us we can live life to the fullest. Believe you are entitled to the best of what life offers and work to get there. When people believe they deserve better, they live creating circumstances that will allow them to live that reality. Look at your current life circumstances. Are you living the life that you deserve?

Believe that you are intelligent enough. We admire the brilliance of the people around us without realizing we have the same capabilities. Confidently share your gift with the world because you deserve to be here. You are intelligent. You are unique and you have unique intelligence that you are proud of and that you use as your ally in your quest for success and fulfillment.

You decide how you feel. Take responsibility for how you think and watch your life change in immeasurable ways. Don’t allow the behaviour of people to dictate how you respond to life. People who manifest abundance and aspire to abundant living don’t expect anyone but themselves to create it for them. An abundant mindset is a choice, your choice. Choose to live an abundant life.


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