Habits are routine behaviours we repeat regularly, consciously or unconsciously. Habits are usually choices we make which eventually become patterns in our lives. There are good and bad habits. The good ones we can keep doing and improve over time, but the bad ones will impede us from finding the path to abundant living. What we believe about ourselves will determine the kinds of habits we form, so it is important to get our positive self-talk from the get-go. Here is a reminder of 4 bad habits we need to get rid of and begin thinking about ourselves more positively.

Stop putting ourselves down. The best thing we can do every day is tell ourselves we are worthy of all good things. In this social media-driven age, the curse of making comparisons will hold many people back. We convince ourselves we can’t do what others are doing because are not as talented or gifted as they are. Here is a truth: if one person in the world can do anything, it means all people have the same capability of doing the same thing. Never buy into the notion that greatness is reserved for the few. If we put ourselves in a box, people will keep us there because we have convinced them that is what we are worth. Change your self-talk from ‘I can’t’ to, ‘I can do all things’.

The unforgiving spirit. Sometimes, the greatest hindrance to our success is a heart that refuses to forgive for past failures. We often waste precious time beating up ourselves over situations of the past we cannot change. Sometimes, even when others have long forgotten our actions, we are still swimming in the pool of self-pity. An unforgiving spirit is not only a bad habit; it is dangerous because it magnifies our situation beyond reality. An unforgiving spirit sees enemies where none exists; hears conversations never spoken and creates consequences living only in our thoughts. Forgive and forget and the rest will work itself out.

A narrow view of life. The mind can dream beyond human understanding. There is nothing we want to do that is insignificant. If we can conceive it in our thoughts, it is worth pursuing. If we live settling for doing just enough, we will never understand the power of our potential. Every great tree starts with a small seed. When it stands tall, we see its splendor far and wide. We should never settle for just being enough. We should always desire more. Until the last breath leaves our bodies, we ought to see the world as our playground. We must have an expanded view of life and pursue new experiences because we have only one opportunity to do life right.

We have enough time. Procrastination will be the downfall of many people. It is amazing how easy it is to convince ourselves we have all the time in the world. Fear sometimes drives procrastination, but it rarely gets things done. The one thing about our existence we can control is what we do at the moment. Since we don’t know how much time we have to create a habit of doing things while there is time? Living in fear is not helpful; it holds us back and saps our creativity. When we tell ourselves we have time, we are giving ourselves permission to be complacent. This is neither helpful nor productive. Procrastination is not only the thief of time, it is also the robber of dreams.

Habits are helpful if they bring us closer to our purpose. Our daily actions are driven by what we believe about ourselves. What we believe about ourselves begins with what we tell ourselves consistently. What habits are we cultivating in our lives which will point us toward abundant living? Putting ourselves down, possessing an unforgiving spirit, having a narrow view of life and procrastination are definitely not good habits.


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