In last week’s blog post we looked at important tips for self-love. Knowing how to love ourselves helps us to make better decisions about our lives. It is not selfish to make yourself a priority because it will put you in a better place to help others. Self-care and self-love are the routes to finding fulfillment in all aspects of our lives. When our needs are met, we feel good about ourselves, and it is easier to prioritize the needs of other people. This week we will continue looking at more tips for practicing self-love:

Remember, people’s expectations of you are usually unrealistic. Don’t allow people to set the bar for your goals and achievement. Be comfortable working at your own pace and celebrate your achievements, whether big or small. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t allow others to measure your achievements against their standards. Understand no matter how you try, you will never satisfy the expectations of everybody. People will always expect more of you and even when you give them more, they will try to squeeze something else out of you. Set your own goals, live your own dreams, and live life at your own pace.

Remember to face your negative thoughts. Negative thoughts hold many people captive, but it has never led to anybody feeling better about themselves. Do not torture yourself internally with negative thinking, because most of what you will come up with will not be true. Your self-talk is important speaking negatively will only make you feel worse about yourself and your abilities. Replace negative thinking with positive head conversations. Negative self-talk will keep you longer in the pit of self-pity and despair and does nothing to add value to your life.

Remember, your circle is important. The people in your circle can make or break you. The people we associate with often determine who we become in our daily lives. We are an accumulation of the 5 people we spend time with. So, who are the people in your circle today? Don’t feel compelled to have people in your life who constantly drain you of your energy. If people are not pouring into your life as much as you pour into theirs, they are eventually going to drag you down. Never feel guilty for dropping dead weight because people will drop you like a bad habit if you are not helping them to live better.

Remember, you don’t need a lot to be happy. Happiness and abundant living are not about the amount of stuff we own. Life is about appreciating what we have and enjoying the experiences life affords us. You may get all the material things your heart desires and still be disappointed because they only bring temporary satisfaction. Simplify your life and see how much more value you get out of living. Instead of tying your happiness to things, invest your time and effort in people and healthy relationships. Stuff will fade away with time, but people leave us with lasting relations and memorable experiences.

Remember to turn off the noise. In our quest to do well in life, we often invite a lot of noise and distraction into our lives. Sometimes we just need to tune out and tune in to our inner selves. Don’t get into the habit of thinking you always have to be on the go or involved in some activity. Even God took time to rest when there was else to do. Slowing down and rejuvenating are important to abundant living. Take time away from everything regularly and collect yourself with a cup of tea, light music, or just sit and reflect. It works wonders for the soul.

Self-care and self-love are not new-age phenomenons they are biblical principles and important to achieving abundance. If you want a more fulfilled and happy life, take care of yourself. When you are healthy and confident, think of how much more people can benefit from having you in their lives. Live, love, and serve others, but don’t forget your happiness is as important as everyone else.


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