Life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it. We crowd our days with meaningless things and miss the most important lessons. Simplicity of life is the best medicine for abundant living. It is not the material things we gather which bring us joy but finding contentment in every minute of the day, regardless of circumstances. Living abundantly is not an elusive dream. It can be learned if we have the right attitude to living. If you want to live abundantly, here are a few points you should pay attention to:

Find your joy. Joy does not mean the absence of trouble. It is having the ability to find contentment in the middle of difficult situations. We most times cannot control life’s circumstances. So why do we allow life’s circumstances to control us? Joy is a particular attitude determined by confidence in something or someone. For Christians, our joy comes from our confidence in God. We are given assurance that nothing about us or our lives escapes God’s attention. Find your joy by learning how to tap into God’s reservoir of promises. If we can’t trust God for our joy, who else can we trust?

 Enjoy life now. Do you realize we are always planning to enjoy our lives at some other time than now? We plan to enjoy all the perks of life when we can afford it. We seem to be always working, planning to enjoy life another day. Guess what? It doesn’t work that way. Enjoy life doing the simple things while time is on our side. Enjoy what we can while we have the strength to do it. We don’t need a lot of anything to enjoy life. We only need to the determination to do it. If we don’t enjoy life now, we are setting ourselves up for a life of regrets.

Smile a while. There is probably no emotional response in the world as a smile. Guess what? Smiling is one of those things we don’t need a reason to do. You can smile just because you feel like it. People who smile with little effort always seem to be better at handling what life throws at them. A smile not only helps the person smiling, but it is medicine to those observing. With all the bad things happening around us, there is still much left to make us smile. Instead of worrying about things we can’t control, why don’t we look for more reasons to smile?

Love people. Among all of God’s creations, there is none as beautiful as people. I agree we are also among the vilest and debase, but there is something magical about people. We can’t experience what it means to live abundantly without the input of other people in our lives. For every awful person you meet, there are a dozen more beautiful persons waiting to be discovered. Make good friends and live a long, fruitful life. Be open to looking past people’s flaws and seeing the beauty God created in them and your living will be easier.

Let go. Walking around with the baggage of the past is a deterrent to abundant living. We can’t do anything about the past. Why should we be chained to it? People will try their best to remind us of the worst of what we have been through, but remember, it is not beneficial to find your purpose. Don’t stew in your past failures or experiences, learn from them and move on. Too many times, we keep revisiting our places of hurt because of guilt and shame. We ought to remember nothing can be retrieved from the past. Everything is waiting in front of us, so leave the past where it belongs, behind us.

Find your passion. Life is too short not to live it doing the things you love. If you are doing something and it does not bring you joy, you are robbing yourself of abundant living. If you are unsure of what your passion is or how to go about finding it, ask for help before it is too late. When we have found our passion, we are also helpful to the people around us. Finding our passion helps us to approach life with optimism, even when life gets difficult. Don’t settle for just existing. Live a meaningful life doing what you love and the world will love you right back.

When we talk about abundant living, we are speaking about the quality of life. We all get to be here only once, so we should work on making the most of it. Life owes no favours whatever we get out of it is what we will put into it. It is not the accumulation of things that will make us enjoy life. It is making use of all the opportunities life affords us and taking to share ourselves with the world and the people we love.


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