There is so much written about abundant living it is hard to know what exactly is right or what works. The quest for fulfillment in life is often determined by the worldviews we hold, whether Christian or secular. As a Christian author, I recognize God as the source of all good things. I don’t expect everyone to appreciate my source of inspiration, and I have no objections. But there are some principles guiding my journey to abundant living that someone may find useful. I call these the laws of abundant living and they revolve around God being the beginning and the end of all things. Let me share these laws with you and I hope you will find them useful:

God is the source. I see the hand of God in everything meaningful in life. As human beings, we strive for self-actualization, but can this be achieved without the presence of God? Many things will bring us happiness, but most of them are not lasting. Recognizing God as the source of all things helps us to understand that in the grand scheme of things, we are merely pieces of a wonderful puzzle being fitted together for His purpose. Ephesians 2: 10 reminds us we are His workmanship, created by Him to carry out His objectives. Everything we will achieve and all we will become begins and ends with God as the source of all things.

Love people from a good place. It is not a simple thing to love people. We are a complex creation and even the best of us can be depraved on our worse day. As I get older and wiser, I am learning the most fulfillment I have had in my life was when I loved from a genuine place. I have had to have the same conversation in my head Jesus had with Peter when asked about forgiveness Matthew 18: 22. The only way we can truly love people from a good place is when we understand the power of forgiveness. To live abundantly, we are called to love people from a good place, even if it is not reciprocated.

My peace is my prerogative. In a world full of turmoil, we can have the peace of God John 16: 33. Nobody will give us the peace we are not willing to pursue. We cannot have peace while at war with ourselves and the people around us. For the peace of God to reign in our lives, we are required to have the heart of God. If we have the heart of God, we will endeavour to pursue the things which bring peace. Paul says in Philippians 4: 6 that this peace of God is beyond the full comprehension of those absent from fellowship with God. It is not everybody’s business to bring peace to us. We have to go seeking to make peace because it is what pleases God Romans 12: 18.

Do good and be blessed. Doing good in today’s world is rapidly becoming scarce. There is probably no greater feeling in this world than the feeling of doing good. Do good not because of what you can gain from it, do good because it is the right thing to do. Most people will never understand this concept, but believers understand it’s a law of God Galatians 6: 10. Do good not to be seen and celebrated, but do good because it is what keeps the world turning. It is a wonderful assurance to know that with all the ugliness existing around us, doing good with a genuine heart can still melt the hardest of hearts with love and compassion.

Protect your integrity. Integrity is a rare treasure in this dog-eat-dog world. It is a great feeling to sleep at night knowing your conscience is free. Cutting corners may seem normal and a thing to get us ahead, but it can never bring the satisfaction of a life lived with our characters intact. People will want to have us believe striving for integrity is reserved for fools but examine the words of God’s man King David Proverbs 20: 7 the righteous man walks in his integrity; 6 His children are blessed after him. Psalm 25: 21 Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, 6 For I wait for You.

Sharing is still caring. What good is it to have everything and not share it with others? There is a joy to be found in sharing the best of what God has blessed us with. Many people prefer being on the receiving end of things, but Acts 20: 35 lays it out well for us, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Living only for self-gratification is an empty life, but sharing our lives and substance brings immeasurable joy. People who refuse to share their lives in my experience are usually at war with themselves. They are convinced everybody is out to get them. Those who understand the power of sharing know the more of ourselves we give away the fountain of abundant living keeps overflowing.

Look for the good in everything. The current state of the world will make us feel like there is no good left in it. It is easy to convince ourselves that every person we meet will disappoint us. All the ugliness in our space leaves us with feelings of hopelessness and distrust. There is still so much goodness left in the world and we don’t have to look very far to find it. Living in suspicion of people’s motives and actions is a sure way to live an unfulfilled life. Because we have been created b a good God, we can trust there are still some good things happening and some wonderful humans still walking among us.

The quest for abundant living sometimes is a test of strength and character. God doesn’t allow us to just live. He wants us to live abundantly. The quality of life we live will be determined by our desire to actively pursue the life we deserve. Don’t make apologies for wanting to live your best life. As we strive for abundance, let us remember God is the source of everything we need; to love people from a genuine place; protect our peace; there is a reward in doing good; maintaining integrity is important; to care for people and see the good in everything.


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