Most people need some kind of guide to live their best lives. Depending on what we want, what guides our lives will look different for everyone. Don’t get caught trying to live on other people’s terms. Find what works for you and stick to it. Let me share with you 3 useful C’s to help you live your best life. If you find them handy, share them with somebody:

Choice. Almost everything we do comes down to choice. It’s easy to make excuses when we don’t achieve the things we should, but it will not get us anywhere. If we positively respond to life, it makes a difference. If every day we wake up, we choose to be positive; our interactions with the world are easier. Chances are it will be great if we say we will have a great day. On the other hand, if we wake up with an attitude of doom and gloom, like Murphy’s Law, whatever will go wrong will go wrong. Make it a habit; choose to live your best life every day. Things may not always work out the way you want, but a positive outlook is the way to go.

Chance. If we don’t take a chance on ourselves, nobody will. If we don’t take chances in life, we will miss out on living a full life. A life without risks lacks excitement. It has no story to tell. If God has gifted us with such a powerful imagination, why do we continue to live with restrictions? Most of us like to be comfortable, but greatness does not reside with being comfortable. If you desire an abundant life, you will not find it sitting on the fence. You have to step in among the thistles and thorns and work your way into a life of purpose. Taking chances requires courage because, most times, the outcome is uncertain. If we could predict everything, we would have not much to look forward to. If you don’t take a chance, you will never know what is waiting for you on the other side.

Change. One of the few things constant in life is change. The thing about choices and chances is that must be willing to accept change. If we are not prepared for change, we might as well not live because change is constant. It will happen if we are not prepared. Even if we don’t accept change, it will still happen. We can’t control it. Learn to embrace change and see what a difference it makes. Our willingness to change invites new experiences and opportunities into our lives. Change is inevitable, and we want to live our best lives. We must change every time.

The 3 C’s are a friendly guide to purposeful living. You may have something better working for you, and that’s okay. It doesn’t matter what guide you use; what is important is having something to give you direction. Start making the right choices; don’t be afraid of taking chances and embrace change when it comes.


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