It is amazing how our thoughts can determine the direction of our lives. A single thought is the difference between success and failure. Our thoughts are controlled by what our minds consume. If we spend time absorbing negative things, our actions will have negative outcomes. On the other hand, if we make an effort to fill our minds with positive things, it will drive us towards positive actions. The important lesson to learn is that we are responsible for what we feed our minds.

In Luke 6:45, the master teacher puts it into perspective with His lesson on the content of our hearts. Our actions are accidental. They spring from the inner workings of our minds. A good person is driven to do good because that is what they think about. Likewise, a bad person will engage in destructive actions because that is what their minds motivate them to do. Therefore, we can conclude that the saying “garbage in, garbage out” is not only applicable to computers, but also to human beings.

If we want to live better quality lives, we have to put our thoughts under guard. We frequently blame our negative actions on everyone but ourselves. We are the ideal people to control our thoughts because we know them well. Nobody can make us do or think anything without our permission. The minute we put our negative thoughts under control, we open the door to endless opportunities.

Don’t give people power over you to determine the outcome of your life because you find it difficult to control your thoughts. We are the sum of what we think, and this rarely changes. Jesus says nobody pours new wine into an old vessel. We have to cleanse our minds of the negative stuff and make way for positive things. We all have it within us to think positively and then turn those thoughts into actions. The measure of our actions will reflect what we think in our hearts. If we think and act positively, we may just surprise ourselves.


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