Grow where you are planted.

A fact we must face is that we are all called to do everything. Some are called to defend the rights of others, and they do say with a passion that burns within them.

Growing in abundance.

It is not easy to accept, but as we begin to understand what it means to live abundantly, we will also outgrow people in our lives. Abundant living often involves having a different perception of what is most valuable in life from the average person.

Stop making excuses!

If we don’t want to do something, we will make every excuse to justify why it can’t be done. Sometimes it easier to make an excuse than to deal with the fact that in trying we might fail.

If tomorrow never comes.

We keep making all these elaborate plans for tomorrow, but what if tomorrow never comes? In Matthew 6: 34 Jesus reminds us that we shouldn’t plan for tomorrow as if it were guaranteed, but we should learn to appreciate living in the moment.

Dealing with your lot in life.

There is a struggle that many Christians go through. Doing their very best to live godly and faithful lives but always seem to come up short in tapping into the abundant blessings that God promises.

Take a break!

Take a break! Life is interesting, but it can also be difficult. We are focused on getting the maximum benefit out of each hour of the day sometimes we run ourselves ragged. There are so many things that demand our attention and we often fool ourselves into believing...

All things working together: Romans 8: 38

This happens to be one of my favourite passages in the bible. Even before I fully understood what it was teaching I was drawn to it on several occasions because it exudes comfort to my soul. I deliberately set out to study it looking at the context to see if what I...

Removing clutter.

Since purchasing our house my wife and I have realized that it creates an unhealthy environment to have an accumulation of useless stuff. At times we have to bring our army of friends and family to help clear the mountain of unnecessary things gathered over time. What...

Take time to be ourselves.

Take time to be ourselves. With the many things that are competing for our attention daily, it easy is to lose sight of who we are in the mix. We waste so many valuable hours trying to gain the approval of others we often have to transform into personas that makes us...

The price of success.

The price of success. A common saying goes anything that is worth having is worth dying for may hold more truths than most people would admit. The majority of people want to be successful in their various endeavours, but few are willing to pay the price that comes...

Keep Pressing On!

It is easy to get distracted when you are trying to find your purpose. So many things are competing for our attention, and if we are not careful, we get sidetracked doing many things and accomplishing nothing.

When life gets in the way of living.

If ten persons are asked what they want most from life seven of the ten will probably say happiness. Happiness and fulfilment are what most people long for. Even with this intense desire, many are unhappy and unsatisfied with their current situation. In pursuit of the...

Life is just for living.

I speak a lot about abundant living and most times what is meant is misunderstood. For me, abundant living is living in such a way every hour of our day is maximised. We get so caught up in accumulating material things, accolades, certificates and chasing after...

Investing in fantasy

People without purpose invest heavily in the illusion of other people's lives I did not understand how impactful this quote would be until I had time to process it. A few months ago while talking to a teen, I ask her what she wanted out of life. I was expecting her to...

What makes a great leader?

In this 21st century, there is a cry for leadership at all levels. Good leadership is essential to the development and growth of nations; for organisations to achieve their vision and for people to maximise their potential. If this world is going to survive another...


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