It can be over in an instant.

Life as we know it can change in an instant. Everything that we hold dear or the people we love can vanish from our presence leaving a void time cannot replace.

No need for competition.

It is interesting that life has become an ongoing competition. We all seem to be in an endless race to prove that we are the best of the best. Feelings of resentment and even hatred are harboured in our hearts towards those who appear to be getting ahead at a faster pace

Changing course.

Another year is fast coming to an end the resolutions are now in the gestation phase preparing to give birth with the ringing in of another year. But do you ever get tired of making the same promises to yourself?

The measure of abundant living.

The desire to live a fulfilling life is at the top of the list of most people’s expectations. People want to know that what they are doing or pursuing will bring them joy, happiness and a sense of accomplishment.

You are not the job.

If you were to die on the job it is almost certain that within the shortest possible time you would be replaced. Your desk would have been cleared out, cubicle rearranged and the files and documents you guarded with your life would have become the prized possessions of another.

When life gets in the way of living.

If ten persons are asked what they want most from life seven of the ten will probably say happiness. Happiness and fulfilment are what most people long for. Even with this intense desire, many are unhappy and unsatisfied with their current situation. In pursuit of the...

Life is just for living.

I speak a lot about abundant living and most times what is meant is misunderstood. For me, abundant living is living in such a way every hour of our day is maximised. We get so caught up in accumulating material things, accolades, certificates and chasing after...

Investing in fantasy

People without purpose invest heavily in the illusion of other people's lives I did not understand how impactful this quote would be until I had time to process it. A few months ago while talking to a teen, I ask her what she wanted out of life. I was expecting her to...

What makes a great leader?

In this 21st century, there is a cry for leadership at all levels. Good leadership is essential to the development and growth of nations; for organisations to achieve their vision and for people to maximise their potential. If this world is going to survive another...

Lessons from my son.

It is a joy watching children grow in their natural environment. There is something very refreshing about their innocence it puts your soul at ease. It is not coincidental that Jesus Christ compares entering the Kingdom of God to having the nature of little children....

You in review!

As you contemplate taking that next step on your journey to achieving greatness and unleashing your passion it is essential to take time to do an audit of yourself. Do you need to work harder this year or do need to work smarter? Did you get a lot done because of your...

Being the best you.

Another year fast approaches and the string of resolutions have begun. Whether those decisions are realistic or not the majority of them will be left by the wayside with the first two months of the New Year. It’s not that there is no seriousness about making positives...

Stake your claim.

Why do you doubt that you can do great things? There is no reason you not be counted among those who have had their names written in the pages of history. The only person stopping you from becoming what you were meant to be is you. How long are going to settle for...


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