The unsocial media.

Social media, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Snapchat or whatever the newest craze is on the block can be a useful tool in getting your presence felt in this technologically driven world. But as much as social media can be a helpful tool, it can also be a dreadful master.


There will come a time when you come to a crossroad and have to decide which direction you want to go. You can turn left, right, and go forward or backwards but whatever you do it’s all in your hands. Life is about choices and you have to live with them so it is important to make the right one.

Dream crushers

One of the most heart-rending things to have to deal with are people who persistently try to kill the dreams of others. It can literally suck the life out of you! Dream crushers come in all forms. Sometimes they are the people closest to us like family and friends; at other times they the people we choose to associate with.

The lies we tell ourselves.

The mind is a powerful tool. What we spend time thinking about can either propel us to success or make us cower in fear. We find ourselves attending the occasional pity party because we are convinced we are not as talented or successful as the people around us

Surface Living.

One of the things about abundant living is the ability to form and sustain healthy relationships. People who are able to maintain good friendships and spend time in fellowship seem to do better at handling difficulties.

A million things to get done

This could be the motto of many people, we are always on the move, doing something or going someplace. The funny thing about having a million things to do is that if we are not careful, we get very little done or nothing at all. Some of us fool ourselves into thinking that if we have a million things to do, it makes us appear more valuable.

The seed in your storehouse.

Sometimes we become so concerned about what other people are doing that we lose sight of the fact that we are on the same journey. We waste valuable time believing the seeds that are in other people’s storehouses are worth more than our own.

If it’s toxic, let it go!

As human beings, we tend to want to hold on to things even if they are not good for us. One of the deterrents to living an abundant life is investing in unhealthy relationships. Relationships are a part of the human experience we all need them to survive, but the toxic ones we can do without. We should never become so dependent on another person that we allow them to dictate the terms of our happiness.

Investing for life.

Life is an investment. What we put into it is usually what we get compensated for. If we invest energy in things that have little or no value then be prepared for that quality of life. Those who carefully plan their investment tend to navigate through life better and also enjoy a more consistent rate of success.

Abundance does not mean settling.

Psalm 24: 1-3 reminds us that the entire earth and all its abundance is in the realm of a God who desires all good things for those whom He loves. If this is true, then why do so many people settle for less?

Grow where you are planted.

A fact we must face is that we are all called to do everything. Some are called to defend the rights of others, and they do say with a passion that burns within them.

Growing in abundance.

It is not easy to accept, but as we begin to understand what it means to live abundantly, we will also outgrow people in our lives. Abundant living often involves having a different perception of what is most valuable in life from the average person.

Stop making excuses!

If we don’t want to do something, we will make every excuse to justify why it can’t be done. Sometimes it easier to make an excuse than to deal with the fact that in trying we might fail.

If tomorrow never comes.

We keep making all these elaborate plans for tomorrow, but what if tomorrow never comes? In Matthew 6: 34 Jesus reminds us that we shouldn’t plan for tomorrow as if it were guaranteed, but we should learn to appreciate living in the moment.

Dealing with your lot in life.

There is a struggle that many Christians go through. Doing their very best to live godly and faithful lives but always seem to come up short in tapping into the abundant blessings that God promises.

It can be over in an instant.

Life as we know it can change in an instant. Everything that we hold dear or the people we love can vanish from our presence leaving a void time cannot replace.

No need for competition.

It is interesting that life has become an ongoing competition. We all seem to be in an endless race to prove that we are the best of the best. Feelings of resentment and even hatred are harboured in our hearts towards those who appear to be getting ahead at a faster pace

Changing course.

Another year is fast coming to an end the resolutions are now in the gestation phase preparing to give birth with the ringing in of another year. But do you ever get tired of making the same promises to yourself?

The measure of abundant living.

The desire to live a fulfilling life is at the top of the list of most people’s expectations. People want to know that what they are doing or pursuing will bring them joy, happiness and a sense of accomplishment.


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