Channelling our energy.

If we are not careful, we waste valuable time and energy doing things that don’t satisfy us. The world in which we live demands a lot, our careers, families and daily activities command our attention around the clock. Most people fall into bed at nights, feeling drained to the point that sleep becomes difficult. Yet, for the energy that is expended, the results don’t measure up to our expectations. Things that don’t matter is what many of us are willing to spend the best years of our lives chasing after. Then one day we will wake to discover that we did not make time to live our lives the best way we could. The sobering thing about time that is lost is that no matter how much we try or how much we regret wasting it once it is lost, there is nothing, we can do about it. The energy and strength that we currently experience will not last forever, so it makes good sense to channel our effort into doing things that will add value to life long after we have departed this world.

Any person that has lived past the age of 50 years will admit that in the grand scheme of things there many more years behind them than the years that are in front of them. This is a truth which finds many unprepared, our young days of vim, vigour and vitality will quickly become our twilight years. Therefore, how we invest our energy in our youthful days will determine the quality of life we lead when we should be older and wiser. So much seems essential when we are young and full of life. We pride ourselves in working hard and playing hard, not realising every decision is placed in storage for the future. We channel our energy into things that bring us temporary satisfaction, not understanding that they will eventually fade into nothingness. It’s difficult to process, but sometimes life must knock us flat on our backs for us to realise how indebted we are to it.

We ought to give keen attention to where we channel our energy because most times, we will discover it is not worth all the stress. Almost everything that we accumulate will eventually lose its value or be destroyed with time. Giving the best years of our lives to the things that will leave a legacy seems to be the smartest choice in living an abundant life. The best time to live is to live while we can, and most of us will only get one chance to do it right. We should channel our energy into doing things that leave us with an appreciation that life is indeed something precious. Life is too short to spend it living in regret while are experiencing our best years we should make that we are also living of best lives. One day we will no longer have the energy to do all that we wanted to do, so why not spend time doing all we can now?

Channelling our energy means discovering out what we are passionate about and putting in everything into seeing it come to fruition. It is not something that will happen overnight; it requires perseverance, but in the end, it will be worth it. We should not be willing to settle for living life regretting the things we were not brave enough to do; life is too short to keep making that mistake.

This article was written by Paul A. Blake motivational speaker and author of Words to Inspire Volumes 1&2 and 40 Days to Abundant Living. To connect with Paul, visit his website at; follow him on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. For bookings contact 876-8356524/876-839-9865