Words Worthit is a non-denominational Christian based organization located in Jamaica. We intend to provide individuals, especially Christians, with practical, spiritually oriented solutions to everyday life challenges. We believe that most of the problems people deal with in their lives can be solved by learning how to apply God’s word practically.

Words Worthit will draw from a variety of spiritual principles we believe are crucial in dealing with day to day life challenges. This organization will at all times maintain its firm Christian conviction and will employ the use of the bible as a spiritual roadmap to better living.

Words Worthit promises to be dynamic, engaging, relevant, and tolerant of all individuals sincerely searching for practical modes of empowerment. Come and enjoy this spiritual journey with us and open your life to a world of possibilities.

To God be all the glory for great things He has done, great things He is doing now and those things He will continue to do as we look toward a glorious future.

Our Vision

To see individuals grow spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically experiencing the fullness of the life we were all created to enjoy (John 10: 10).

Our mission

Our Mission is to help individuals form life-changing habits through the practical application of spiritual principles grounded in God’s word.

We Offer The Following Services

Motivational Speaking Sessions


Career Guide



Coaching & Mentoring

Support Groups

Training Seminars

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40 Days to Abundant Living is more than just another self-help book full of promises. It is a book that indulges in the importance of how positive thinking and practical application impacts a life of success. 40 Days to Abundant living provides a daily paragraph of inspiring words drawn from various aspects of life- Paul A. Blake

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